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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Muscle Crate - Monthly Subscription Box for Fitness Supplements

Muscle Crate is a monthly subscription box full of wonderful bodybuilding and fitness supplements. There is generally a mix of pre workout supplements and post workout supplements.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shoot Out MegaBleu Games - Ready for the Winter!!

It's getting cold out there, so I am looking into games that the kids can play inside, but, which can keep them fairly active. So I had a look at MegaBleu Website to find a couple of games that I thought the kids would like, and is also practical for the house and without small bits that get chewed by the dogs or broken really quickly. As this is what happens....a lot !! So I chose two shooting games. Now I don't condone it, however, this is all about aiming, quick reactions and being aware of your surroundings. So although, the chosen games have guns, its also about life skills. Yes, it sounds crazy doesn't it, but, this is what I look for in games. As well as obviously, enjoyment and longevity. 
So here are my chosen two: 
Alien Mission Evolution. This looked great fun and its what it says on the box. You've just got to shoot all the aliens!! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grace Aloe Vera Drinks

When it's been a long day, and you just need something refreshing to perk you up a bit, one of my options is Aloe Vera. I've been drinking Aloe Vera on and off for years now, and I have my favourites. Grace Aloe Refresh is one of them, however, this brand actually have bits of aloe vera in it, so you have to be prepared when you drink it. It is made from Aloe Vera Gel, so it's amazing for your digestion and general well being, as well as being incredibly refreshing. It's perfect on a hot day, or after a workout, it is so good, it's literally just down-able. 

Loose Tea - JustBe and Camellia's

Loose tea can be a scary thought, especially if you're not used to it, but there are so many amazing loose tea brands, that you just have to give it a go. I think the biggest scare for me is not really knowing how much or how little you need. Here's two of my favourites at the moment.

A friend of mine gave me this tea to try. I had heard of the brand Justbe from social media and foodie sites, but had yet to try it. It's a really pretty loose tea with Hibiscus and Lemon Balm. That's it, nothing else added. I followed the instructions for the correct amount and watched it infuse. It is strangely very soothing just watching the stunning hibiscus colour flow into the lemon balm. I should have videoed it for you, but I tell you what, it is delicious !! I love it. It's really pretty, smells amazing and the colour from the hibiscus is just stunning. When I added a photo on my Instagram account, the owner, Gail Bryden said that you could also serve it as an iced tea. So I infused a pints worth of tea with added mint leaves from my garden and then put it in the fridge. Well, she was right !! It is a lovely refreshing drink that can be drunk hot or cold. This is well worth trying.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Eden's Semilla Oils Oils and more Oils

Who doesn't like Oils? Personally, I love them. I love the way it feels on your skin, I love the smells it produces and I love that it is as natural as it comes. 
Aromatherapy essential oils can be added to a plain oil for the perfect massage or you can just burn them so you get the scent and the calmness with it. Eden's Semilla have a great selection of Oils that you can use on their own or mix and blend to make your own perfect massage oil. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prestige Flowers - More Beauty of Flowers

Now the summer is over, and the flowers have pretty much dissapeared in my garden, I like to have flowers in the house. I absolutely love it when my garden comes into flower. I have a mass of pinks, purples and yellows, all from various types of flowers. It brings so much happiness as the pure beauty of them is also very calming. So when they have all gone, I love flowers in the home as they can brighten up any corner, and bring the happiness inside as well. They do make lovely gifts and I do wish I received them more often.

I received this stunning bouquet from Prestige Flowers Online Delivery

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We did it !!!! Rough Runner - Clapham Common 17th September 2016

A while back I saw an email about an event called Rough Runners and if we booked before a particular date we could get it at a discount. Anyways, so I sent the email to my fitness friends and said that they must definitely sign up. It looked fun, but it also looked really hard, so I didn't even think about it for me and I didn't even really look into it that much. I just saw a few photos of a couple of obstacles. My reply back from my friend was something like, that looks awesome why wouldn't you do it? So, I had one of those moments and instantly replied, well I'd do the 5km at a struggle but not the 10km. Without a real thought that I would actually ever do it.

Well that was it..... emails went around and all our little crew said YEA FUCK IT, Lets do it !!!!! OMG Whaaaaaattttt???? It seems I was doing it after all !!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Healthy Drink Options That I've Been Loving Lately

 I thought I would share with you some really healthy option drinks and combinations that I've been trying lately. If you've read my posts previously, you'll know that I like to add different drinks together, or add supplements to make me feel better and more alert. I like to include fruit or super food powders as well as a bit of matcha green tea.
Here is a frozen banana and strawberry smoothie made with Alpro Coconut Milk with added elete Electrolytes. Just simply a handful of each fruit and blitz up in my blender. Perfect for a hot day before a workout. Read about my elete Holistic Hydration Electrolytes post here.