Renna's Discoveries: May 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meze Mangal Restaurant in Chorleywood

As I was wandering through Chorleywood high street, I noticed a new restaurant. Well, new to me anyways. I saw the previous fast food restaurant being stripped a few weeks before, so I knew something was coming. Well, it turns out that the most successful kebab shop in Rickmansworth high street was opening its first restaurant in the lovely quiet town of Chorleywood.
I saw a large sign outside stating 'bring your own alcohol' which a lot of restaurants are doing now. Ultimately, it is a take away kebab shop, but with a few tables and chairs for guests to sit and relax, and have the best kebab! So, we agreed to go for a girls night out and a belated birthday dinner to check it out.

Monday, May 18, 2015

GETT - Order your Taxi direct from your phone

When I'm out and about, I like to feel safe. I will use the trains as much as I can, but if I require a Taxi, I'll use my GETT App. I've mentioned GETT before. Previously known as Get Taxi.
Its an app that you download onto your phone to be able to book a Safe Black Cab.  The app asks you to enter your details and your preferred payment method i.e. Cash or Card including PayPal. You will need to enter your card details even if you wish to use Cash just as a back-up though.

BakerDays.Com Cake Review

Cakes by delivery is becoming big business. Its quick and simple to do it online and is cheaper than flowers. So if you have a friend that prefers cake, BakerDays.Com is for you. The Letterbox Cake is exactly that. Its small enough to go through your letterbox, so no need to wait around for a delivery, or any risk of Mr Postman leaving it outside when its raining (anyone else had this problem?) Obviously BakerDays.Com do have a selection of cakes from Cup Cakes to Large Cakes depending on the event and the gift. 
They have six delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Half and Half, Fruit, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. So there is something for everyone. 
The best part is that you can personalise them. They have many different designs you can choose, or you send over your logo or picture and this can be printed direct onto the icing. Sounds great right?
I chose a Chocolate flavoured cake with their own Anniversary print, as it was our anniversary in March. We love cake so this was a perfect treat for the hubs.
The Letter Box cake comes well packaged and protected. They can also deliver the very next day if you order before 2pm. So if you've forgotten a birthday, this is a great quick option for you.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - May

Beauty products are everywhere, beauty bloggers are everywhere too. People are always trying to tell you what you should be using, what you shouldn't be using and at what age you should start using them. The thing I don't understand is they also tell us how many layers to put on your skin. When I was younger, it was just one layer and that was moisturiser. Now we are supposed to cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, eye cream and then primer all before we then layer with make-up. Sounds crazy when you write it down. I'm not hugely consistent when it comes to creams, I'll use whatever is in front of me, however, I do have my favourites.
I would happily use Simple products all the time, they are good for my skin and I've been told many times, that I do not look my age. They are easy to buy from any supermarket and I've never really felt the need to change my brand. They contain pro-vitamin 5 and vitamin E and there are No chemicals to damage my skin.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Doisy and Dam Chocolates

Doisy and Dam have produced super food chocolate, all handmade in Norfolk. The first thing that stands out is the coloured packaging, its so bright and really catches your eye. Now if you love dark Chocolate then these are definitely for you. The taste is amazing, and certainly different!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Park Resorts UK

Holidays are expensive and they soon start to add up, so for our last few trips away, we've been staying at Park Resorts which are Holiday Resorts within the UK. They have a choice of accommodation, mainly Caravans and Chalets (either wooden or brick depending on location).
Park Resorts have 49 different parks and are all over the UK by coastal towns.