Renna's Discoveries: October 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Messy Me Tunic for Babies & Toddlers

Kids get messy !! There is no denying it or hiding it. Even when they are wearing the nicest of clothes, and you ask them really nicely to try and be careful with the very expensive white dress or shirt, and not get it dirty.....its impossible.
My kids clothes have never lasted that long due to the amazing red stain that you seem to get from all baby food. So, the bibs got bigger and then tunics were bought. Cotton bibs are beautiful and soft, but, they last, a week, if that. I bought so many of the stupid things, I never learnt. So when they got bigger and they could wear Tunics, I bought loads. They are wipe-able and clean up really easily. The only thing with a lot of the ones I had, was that they couldn't go in the washing machine, due to the plastics used in them. So, I was forever wiping them down with sponges or giving them a quick shower to clean them.
Messy Me have sorted all of those problems, as they produce a tunic that babies up to toddlers can wear.  They are super cute too. 

The Black Farmer Sausages - All Gluten Free!!

Gluten free food is finally getting everywhere. There are so many people that unfortunately can not tolerate gluten. It can cause celiac disease and can be very painful. If eaten it can cause bloating, cramping, skin rashes and can damage your intestinal walls. So for many years anyone with a celiac diet had to just cut out foods. There were no alternatives.
These days however, everyone is joining in on the act, and even if people do not need to cut out gluten, they are doing so anyways, as they believe it is a healthier option for them.
Sausages have been around for centauries. Every country has their own special way of making sausages and are all very proud of their traditional sausages. Now a lot of butchers would add rice, breadcrumbs, oatmeal, and barley to cheaper cuts of meat to bulk them out. So they would make more money, but not necessarily thinking about the consumer themselves.
Now, here comes The Black Farmer - Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones. He was born in Jamaica and moved to live in the UK in the 50's. He worked in TV Food for many years, introducing us to many a famous TV Chef, that we have all grown to love and admire. Then, he finally followed his dreams and bought his own farm. He produced sausages from his farm and whilst visiting farmers markets, he met a lot of people who couldn't eat them due to having a wheat intolerance. So as he is a lover of sausages. He sympathised with people who had to give up The Sausage due to their intolerance, so he thought, he would make sausages that everyone can eat and enjoy. He wanted to make a gluten free sausage that was nearest to 100% meat and British meat at that. So in 2004, Here is born: 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread Test - What's the Best?

Chocolate spread is surely one of the amazing things in life. I don't know anyone who's never had it, however, I grew up in days when nut allergies didn't really exist. So everyone had Chocolate and Hazelnut spread....or in other words.....Nutella!!!
We used to have it in sandwiches, on toast, on bagels, on ryvita, in croissants, in rolls of any kind, on a spoon, it can also go on top of semolina, and now Nutella have a recipe book (Which I have !!!) So can make Nutella cakes, cookies, milkshakes, hot chocolate, cheesecake, mousse, meringues, pinwheels, tarts, souffl├ęs, macaroons.....seriously you could include Nutella in any kind of dessert or pastry. A bakers popular way to have Nutella is inside a cake - because its as yummy as ...
Now as Nutella is so popular (as its literally the King of the spreads), other brands see if they can make a Chocolate and Hazelnut spread better, or at least the same.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Soulthing - Nutrients & Diet Supplements

Soulthing is a UK based company that produce nutritional supplements for a healthy lifestyle. Emphasise on the supplement !! These are here to join in with your food and give you extra goodness, not to take food away.
Some people have that misfortune to never feeling full up, or feeling empty earlier than others. This is where a protein shake could come in useful. I generally have a slump about 11am or 3pm, where I feel tired or really hungry, and lately I've been trying loads of different shakes to stop me from snacking on sweet treats. The shops sell loads of ready made protein shakes. The protein contents are not generally that high, so one that you can make at home have more goodness in them and make you feel fuller for longer.
Protein shakes are extra good for people that want to loose weight and it also helps with the build up of muscle. (But you do have to go to the gym to build muscle....don't think a shake is going to suddenly work miracles, it's just there to help you)

Soulthing's Shake Time is Vanilla flavour - so it goes with everything and can be mixed easily with fruit. Its suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and its also wheat, gluten and dairy free, So, its pretty much suitable for everyone. Plus is actually really delicious !!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

DotComGiftShop - Monday Motto!!

This is just a quick post, as I bought this from DotComGiftShop and I wanted to share with you all such an amazing Online Shop. This is somewhere where you could get completely carried away and buy loads, but as Christmas is coming up, this is actually a perfect website to use to get the small .... well actually......and some big presents.

Friday, October 09, 2015

SmartShake - The World's Smartest Shaker

Shakes are everywhere at the moment, well they have been for years, but I've seen a sudden urge in social media about protein shakes and their shakers.
I've always associated protein shakes with body builders or for people that have problems gaining weight. Protein shakes also keep you feeling fuller for longer, just like a high protein diet, therefore you eat less unnecessary foods. I did a high protein diet to help me loose weight a few years ago, but the diet didn't include any shakes. Wish it did, as it may have been easier to complete. Some people have to have protein & vitamin shakes, like Complan shakes to keep them healthy, as their bodies need extra supplements. Everyone is different, but a good protein shake is generally full of the necessary nutrients and more, so effectively, everyone could benefit from at least one a day.