Renna's Discoveries: Forever Memory Bears!! These are so Cute!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Forever Memory Bears!! These are so Cute!!

I came across a wonderful company on Twitter that produce unique handmade bears that are made out of either baby clothes, uniforms, training uniforms or even bridal clothing as a super special keepsake.
I fell in love with the idea of them so I just have to share it with you.
We all have so many memories, but it can be difficult to keep them fresh in our minds. I find, that if I look at a photo I can remember most of the day, just by one moment. When it comes to babies....the years seem to fly by and I always think of ways that I can keep the memories alive for me and the kids. Like Christmas bears with the year of their birth on it, or a collection of photographs for them. When I saw the Forever Memory Bears idea, My first initial thought was to get both the kids a bear each out of their own baby clothes. Like these below. 

 Then I thought, that actually the grandparents might like a memory bear for themselves. Then my mind went into overdrive and then I thought everyone would like a Forever Memory Bear.
All you do is pick up to four or five items of baby clothes, blankets, uniforms or granddads shirts and then Forever Memory Bear will cut out the bits they need and make a bear, or a bunny, for you. Its such a simple fantastic idea, and there is obviously something for everyone.

They are all £65.00 each, however I have a special discount for you, a whole £25.00. That's huge!!! So you can get a bear, or two, or three at just £40 each. Personally, these make the best gifts for any loved one or child, or even just for yourself.
To use my discount, just type in RENNASDISCOVERIES at the checkout to redeem the gift card. The discount can be used for one bear on each transaction.

I'm already thinking about Christmas Gifts, so if you like to spread the costs, you can purchase a few of these over the year.
Have a look at their website and see for yourself how amazing they are and also check out their Instagram page for further pictures of their creations.


What do you think ? Amazing hey !!