Renna's Discoveries: May 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Update from New Year New Me - What I've been up to to get fit.

So what have I been up to with my stay fit and be healthy year so far. I'm still working on weight loss, but not hugely anymore, I just need to shift a little bit here and there. However my main aim since reaching my weight goal is toning up. I am proud to say that my abs are coming back, my bum is smaller and my arms are a lot thinner. Woohoo. Progress. I am finally the weight and the size that I wanted to get to, as I wanted my old body back from ten years ago. After sitting on my butt at work and having two kids, I really wanted to get back to the old me.

Winnie's Original - Sweet Chilli Apple Sauce

I need to tell you about some really scrumptious apple sauce. This isn't your run of the mill apple sauce, this is apple sauce with a bite. This is also a very versatile sauce, as it can be used in many ways.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Winnie's Original London - Purveyors of Exquiste Condiments. The Most Luxurious Jam in the World.

I love Jam, I have spent my whole life eating it. I love a variety of flavours however, my favourites are strawberry and apricot. Being as these two are very popular flavours I have tried many many brands. Some brands are full of fruit, others have half and half and some brands just do the jam with no bits. I actually don't mind any. The only problem that I have had in the past, is that some brands can just taste really artificial. Obviously, the best jams are home made. Yes, I have made jams in the past and I have many friends that love making jams. They make great gifts too a friend of mine always gives me Jam or Chutney at Christmas. 
I came across a new brand at a Foodie Event called Winnie's Original and we tasted the Strawberry Velvet Jam and I instantly fell in love with it. It was definitely a Wow moment. 
These jams are pure luxury, I personally have not tasted any jam like it before or after. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Infinity Dream Awards

I have been awarded by the lovely Annie Buls to tell you about myself in the Infinity Dream Awards. Its not something I do often, but I'm in ! Thank you so much for including me.
Annie is a vegetarian lifestyle blogger who believes in love at first sight and loves cats.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Lobster Homeware - A New take on the Kitchen Apron

Many years ago when I was at college learning hospitality and catering, we used to learn cooking and cheffing skills. It was part and parcel of the course and I learnt many fantastic things in the kitchen that I carried through into jobs and still use to this day. Whilst training, we had to wear the full chefs uniform, chefs whites, aprons and about five tea towels hanging off of you. You had tea towels for rubbing plates down and tea towels to hold hot handles and taking dishes out of the oven. So when I'm at home, I have tea towels all over the place just so I can grab them quickly when I need them. 
So when I saw a new style of apron I was very excited. It also brought back many fun memories from college and work. I have the pleasure in introducing Lobster Homeware to you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eat Clean Tea #SummerOfMatcha Mocktail

I'm loving Matcha Tea this year, I have been been drinking it every day as a latte or included in my protein shakes. Its been helping me stay healthy as its full of antioxidants and has helped me loose unnecessary weight.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Number 23 Restaurant in St Albans

I took my friend out for a Tapas Lunch for her Birthday last weekend. The food was so good, I just have to share with you.

Number 23 - British Tapas

Cuppanut - Coconut Tea by Gareth Gates

So, I have come across another amazing discovery that I absolutely have to share with you.
I was sent some samples of the one and only Gareth Gates' new tea. Yes, the amazing singer that we all fell for from the first ever Pop Idol, and has been a successful singer, songwriter and theatre star ever since.

Gareth follows a very healthy lifestyle and loves Coconut. He says that he has spent quite a while experimenting in his kitchen with coconut and came up with.....a Tea !!
Yes, Coconut Tea. Not tea leaves with coconut, but just pure unadulterated Coconut. You can actually see the flakes of coconut in the tea bags.
Lots of people have commented on the name and it may sound strange, or mean something else, but it does actually make huge sense.
Cup of a Coconut = Cuppanut - Clever hey?!

Cuppanut has only just launched this April and I reckon it's going to be huge. This is the first pure Coconut Tea to be sold in the UK and its divine.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Update on Lean Greens Drink - Food Supplements

Lean Greens, Super Greens are amazing for you. I have really enjoyed drinking Lean Greens every day. It is by far the tastiest super green drink I have ever had. 
I've been mixing it with Water or Coconut Water and sometimes I'll add a splash of Apple Juice just to sweeten it a little if I have it with just water.
I've also mixed it with different shakers and a blender to see if there is any different and tried adding fruit to it. 

This Lean Green smoothie had added strawberries and I have to say, it was very nice. I didn't think to start blending it with fruit until the weather started to get hot, as I fancied a refreshing healthy drink in the sun in the mornings. 

It sure doesn't look very pretty, but it tasted just like strawberry water. There are many ways of using Lean Greens into shakes and smoothies if you would prefer to mix it. If you are into your spinach, Kale, Banana and Mango smoothies, then a scoop of Lean Greens will add so much extra goodness to it too. 
I would definitely recommend Lean Greens. Especially if you're a person that doesn't eat a lot of vegetables, at least this way, you can get a huge hit of goodness in a quick drink. Or even if you do eat loads of healthy vegetables, a few more is always good. This tub is still going strong after two and a half weeks. I'd say a tub a month is about right. 
I can't say whether I've felt any different, as I generally eat healthy - ish , most of the time anyways, but, it sure has stopped any feeling of hunger throughout the morning. So, I've not even thought about foods before lunch time. 
Have a read of my previous Lean Greens post HERE and place your order. 

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Tangle Angel - The Most Beautiful Brush in The World!!

I wanted to share an amazing product which I think will help every parent with girls. Obviously this product is amazing for absolutely everyone else, that has hair, but, when I saw it it I knew it would make my life and my daughters life easier. Especially in the morning or after the shower. Less tears, and more smiles. 
Its a brush!! But, not just any kind of brush, this is an Tangle Angel. This has got to be the most beautiful brush I have ever my life. A brush that has its own angel wings. 
It's designed to go straight through your hair releasing all the knots easily and with less pain. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Buff & Butter Essential Oils

Essential Oils are everywhere. You can make up your beauty creams, perfumes, direct into the bath or use them in candles. I like to also just drip a tiny amount of lavender on my pillow if I'm having problems sleeping, or if the kids are having problems. People have been using essential oils for centuries. 
Buff and Butter sell a wide range of oils and kits and I asked if I could review a few of their oils. These are the types of oils that as soon as you open them up and the smell hits you, it either calms, relaxes, awakens or lifts your spirits. 

Danger Mouse is Back !!

Danger Mouse is a cartoon programme that I used to watch as a child. It's also one of the many programmes that has been revamped and back bigger and better for our own children to enjoy. Danger Mouse is now on CBBC and had 3.6 million viewers in its first six weeks on TV. So this alone proves how popular it was, and is now.
Of course with every TV programme, there comes new toys.  When I went to the Toyfair with a blogger friend Lucy, we met up with Jazwares who has designed all of the new and very exciting toys. They wanted to bring the cartoon to life with their toys and help the children role play and have loads of fun. There are some very exciting new toys coming out, including a very large Danger Mouse plush toy that has his own sayings and comes with a Jet Pack, and you also have his Mark IV Danger Car, which I really want to buy my son. It has wings !!
And finally, there are these fun figures. They are 3 inches high and are nice and bright in the packaging and there are five to collect.

Outdoor Hands - Intense Hand Cream

My husband works so much and its a very manual demanding job. There is no sitting down all day staring at a computer screen, he's a grafter as some would say. He's outside a lot and can be in very dangerous places. His poor hands get really rough and sometimes sore from where they dry out so much. 
So, I thought I'd show you the results from a cream I asked to review, as he really needed it. 
Outdoor Hands is a special cream that experts in the field have designed for all those amazing people that work outside in all weathers and in all conditions.