Renna's Discoveries: July 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gravity Force in St Albans - Trampoline Park - Competition

I am so excited, we now have a Gravity Force opening near me in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have been dreaming of going to a trampoline park for months with the kids - or with my friends. They look absolutely awesome.
Trampolining is something that I have always loved doing. It is great exercise and its also great fun. I'll always remember being part of a 24 hour trampoline marathon at school where we had to stay over at school and trampoline all night. It was all for charity and it was brilliant.
My children have a trampoline in the garden, as I feel it is a great way to keep them fit and healthy as well as being outside and keeping the house tidy!!

Gravity Force contacted me to invite us to go to their launch day on the 16th August and of course, I just had to say Yes! So in return I have the pleasure in saying that they have offered me Four Jump Sessions for you too!! Brilliant hey, so make sure you enter. All details are below.
The official launch day for St Albans is the 17th August 2016
Location: 1 Alban park, Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL4 0JJ.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tails.Com Dog Food Delivered Straight To Your Door !!

I have two amazing little rescue dogs who have been a part of our lives for just over a year now. They have changed our lives so much, more than I ever thought. They have brought joy, love and plenty of energy with them. We all adore them, and because they are so special, I feel the need to make sure they eat the best.
My dogs have tried many brands and different types of canned food, as well as fresh meat and offal (hearts, livers and kidneys). I will basically make my own up if I have plenty of offal, as I'll boil it up with rice and chopped vegetables, which they absolutely love. However, this is a treat for them. 
If I have canned food, they are not always very keen, which is why I have tried different brands. 
So after a year, I pretty much have it sorted. They don't like the canned foods with loads of gravy, they prefer the chunks. They do like pate, but, I don't think it agrees with their bellies very well. Of course, they love anything fresh, but what dog wouldn't. 
One struggle I've really had is with dry food. Some brands they'll eat with ease but....oh my goodness, the farts can literally blow you out of the room. They stink !! and other brands, they just wont touch. So with this in mind, I agreed to try out Tails.Com which is a tailor made delivery service just for dogs. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The BFG - Roald Dahl

Woohoo, we are seriously excited for the new BFG Movie, adapted from Roald Dahls Book The BFG. This is an absolute classic and if you haven't read it... now is the chance!!
There are Giants in this world, but they are all different sizes. The ones that you think are big are actually very small giants. There are really big Giants who like to eat children and they are the scary ones.

The BGF is a friendly Giant who likes to catch dreams, spread joy and safety, however, he was seen doing this by a little girl called Sophie who then has to take her. They become firm friends and together they plan to stop the Big Giants from eating other children.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Protein Drinks Options

Whenever I see someone I haven't seen in a while, they always mention how much weight I've lost and how have I done it..... Now I haven't actually lost that much weight, not even a stone !!! But on my little frame its made a huge difference. I am toning up and am toner than I have been in years. The abs (under the mummy belly) are returning !! (you just cant see them, but you can feel them) and my bum is a lot smaller. So when I say that actually, all it is is exercise, protein shakes, eating healthily and drinking matcha green tea every day they looked shocked. No people, you don't need to starve yourself or drink just vitamin based shakes all day, you need to work at it, and the results are always better and they are for long term instead of short term. You can read any of my previous posts this year if you need some guidance on how a non-professional has done it.

Now there are LOADS of protein shakes, but when you're not an expert, it can be quite daunting. Which one, what do they all do, why are they called weird names, why are some just letters ?????? So I've asked around and I have a couple to recommend, other than my daily Nutribuddy Protein Shake.