Renna's Discoveries: Sweets - Going back to my childhood with Lolly's Sweets

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweets - Going back to my childhood with Lolly's Sweets

Every now and then I really fancy something I haven't had in a while. You get a craving and you just can't please it with a substitute. So if you ever have these feelings, just go to and order some good old fashioned sweets.
The penny sweets that I grew up with just aren't the same, especially when the price is just ridiculous. I had so many favourites, like the foamy hearts, sherbets, popping candy, refreshers, chocolate cups, rhubarb and custard, fizzy cola bottles, bonbons, aniseed balls (how many could you eat at the same time?) just loads, so many, I couldn't possibly list them all.
Here's a few that Lolly's Sweets sent me. I asked for a surprise, and this is what I got to show you.
 Remember these? Do you still buy them when you see them
 These were definitely one of my favourites. The good ole drumstick !!!
 Have to admit, most of these I do not recognise, but they tasted good.
Dip Dabs, I used to get if the shop had any and the necklaces too. These are the types of sweets that could take ages to eat or be eaten in two seconds and just use the lot in one go.

 Lolly's Sweets sent me my sweets in four bags all in the candy cane design, however, they sell sweets in really cool buckets, bottles and hampers.
Have a look online at their shop and place your orders ready for the Christmas rush or just as a treat for yourself or party bags !!!

I'd like to try their American chocolate bars, what would you like to try?