Renna's Discoveries: November 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chocolate Gifts by Morse Toad

Buying gifts for family and friends can be so stressful. You never know what to get them, what they'd like, whether they would even use it...... So, I've been leaning towards the foodie gifts as it will always be used and never wasted. However, some hampers can be expensive to send through the post, so here's another idea for friends and family who live far away.
Chocolate By Post !!!
Oh yes !!! How easy was that. Everyone loves chocolate (Ok well....Most people love chocolate) so this is the perfect gift.
Morse Toad is a very successful personalised chocolate card company, yes that's right....Chocolate Cards. This is the easiest gift you will ever have to order.
You very simply go onto the website, choose the design and how much chocolate you want to send and personalise your message, and that's it....hey presto. Done!! To top it off, if you order before 1pm, its the same day delivery or after 1 pm, its next day delivery. So if you forget someones birthday, you can quickly get them a card delivered too. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Black Farmer Chicken Flamenco Sausages

The Black Farmer is back with more Gluten Free Sausages !! Woohoo !! The difference is that these are made from Chicken!!
The Black Farmer knows not everyone eats pork, but still loves sausages, so he decided that Chicken Sausages should join his sausage family. 

Christmas With Pets - RSPCA Advice

Please read this and take note. 
The RSPCA have produced a wonderful guide for all us pet lovers at Christmas Time. 

I'll be buying my two doggies presents at Christmas....will you?

If you need further information from the RSPCA please see their website
Please look after your pets and also think of future pets and sign this RSPCA petition

Thank you

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Energy Bars with PandaVita Baobab Powder - Superfood

Some mornings it can be such a struggle to get out of bed, especially as the days are getting shorter so it's dark earlier or you have to wake up and it's still dark. Then of course, it's getting to the end of year and somehow it is super busy. It's pretty much go go go from now until new year. Getting Christmas sorted, shopping, childrens plays and special assemblies, parent consultations, having the big pre-Christmas massive clear out of toys or clothes to make room for the new lot. The kids have events to go to which finish late, like family get togethers and birthdays, and then because they have a late night, I end up having an even later night as I like my 'me time' and catching up on TV that is not suitable for kids, and it's all just so tiring. 
Christmas Day itself is a very long day and by the evening, everyone's eaten too much and is just plain tired, which is why the Christmas Film is always a bonus. 
So this got me thinking that I need to design a energy rich recipe which is easy to do, and I can do quickly. 
Flapjacks it is! These are my favourite, I could eat them every day, and the best bit about flapjacks is that you can make them your own and add what you like. So I always use my base recipe and then customise it the way I fancy on the day. 
This time I'm going to add some proper energy boosting ingredients. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Perfect Woman 7 Vitamin Supplements

Food supplements are all over the shelves, in the shops and pharmacies. I tend to stick with powdered forms of supplements, however sometimes its nice to have a quick and easy way to consume all the nutrients that you need. Unfortunately as we get older, we need to look after ourselves just that little bit more. So the shops recommend supplement capsules like Seven Seas.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Goodyfull Energy Superfood Balls Recipe

Raw Chocolate Chia Energy Balls

Whenever I go out to the shops or foodie festivals I see so many energy bars or balls, and I've always thought, that these must be super easy to make at home, and would probably be a lot cheaper too.
So today I made pure raw energy balls with Chia Seeds and Cacao Powder alongside Coconut all with the help of Goodyful Organic Products.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Huel - The Future of Food Review

Have you heard of Huel?
Huel is a powdered food supplement that gives you everything that your body needs. It's not your ordinary protein shake, or slimmers shake, its a shake instead of food. Is this a good thing?
The company Huel wanted to design a food supplement that can help many people around the world and in the future.
I was very dubious of it at first, because I'm a firm believer of, if you can eat food then eat it. I also worry about how our body changes if we start drinking instead of eating as surely it must effect how our body works to digest foods. However, after using it and reading more into it, I can see that Huel has a lot of potential for many countries and certainly in the future.
I have personally described it as spacefood - as its a powdered form of everything you need to survive with very little materials needed. Infact all you need is water and a shaker.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Perfect Cars The Movie Christmas Gifts

My Son loves Cars The Movie, One and Two, and he loves playing with the toys that are associated with the films. We already have loads of the mini die cast cars. These are great value and not one of them have broken yet. These should last a lifetime. So as he loves racing these around, I knew he would love these two add ons. 

Dreamtoys 2016 - My Christmas Wish List for the Kids

I've previously written about Dreamtoys Top 12 Toys so now I wanted to tell you about what I would love to buy subject to having no budget and a huge house. This is my wish list that I would buy my kids!!
Dreamtoys is an event that showcases what the toy experts think will be the best selling toys of the year to help us parents buy the right toys for our children and for other peoples children for gifts and for Christmas. I did like most of the top 12, but.....some I just didn't understand why children need them. The ones I didn't like were either, same old same old, five minutes wonders or just plain old boring. So going through Dreamtoys list of almost 70 toys and taking out the top 12, here are my favourites that I would love to get, even if I don't like them, but I know my kids would.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dreamtoys - Top 12 Toys of 2016 - My Opinion

Toys Toys Toys !!! They are everywhere and now is the month that we all start to go crazy over what toys to buy the kiddies for Christmas. Dreamtoys is an event in London to show off the most popular toys of the year and the coming year. This is run by the Toy Retailers Association which I was very lucky to attend. So to make your life easier buying toys for Christmas, I am going to let you know what they are.

Friday, November 11, 2016 have launched Kids Clothing - Finally!!

November is here and it is COLD. Frost in the mornings, ice on the cars and its just going to get colder. So, of course it's time to get new coats for the kids. I already got mine a couple of months ago, as I saw a coat I fell in love with, so I bought it early and kept it until it was needed. I then bought my son a new coat, which strangely almost matches mine......So of course my daughter was waiting for her new coat. is an online clothing catalogue and they had originally concentrated on women's wear and then mens, and now they have just introduced the kids clothing section. It only launched in October and they are adding new products on a daily basis. They are all fantastic prices and the quality is really good too.  So whilst looking through, I thought I'd check out the coats for girls. I saw a coat that I thought my daughter would like, well.....hoped she would like.
Her favourite colour or shade is black, I'm not sure why, but that's what she told me so I was looking for a black coat. Plus it goes with everything so it wouldn't clash with any of her clothing. I also wanted something that would keep her warm. She doesn't like wearing lots of layers as she feels too constricted, so I needed something that was lined or had a lining in that could be removed if she wanted to. I found quite a few that I liked, then had to go through the elimination process, otherwise the girl would have had five new coats!!! I chose this one.....what do you think?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Foodie Gift Ideas

Gifts for friends and family can be really difficult to choose, so I have started to do more Foodie Gifts, as this is always good fun, and will always be used.
I like to get a selection of different items that can be used for a cooking experience of different flavours or cultures. When people go shopping, they tend to stick with what they know or are comfortable with. So this way they can experience something new, or just try something different or even something that they really want to try, but dont think they can do it, like sushi for example. You can put everything in a hamper and it makes an amazing gift, and a thoughtful one, as you have chosen the food to be included yourself. 
Here's just a few ideas for you that can all be put in the same hamper or make them into smaller hampers for different people.
 Anyone that eats sushi, should try making it. Its fun, healthy, and actually isn't as hard as people may think. You can design your own and get really creative. Plus, little kiddy buddy chefs can join in too. Don't forget to add the wasabi and ginger too. Maybe you could add a tin of tuna and mayonnaise.

Taste of London Time - A Foodies Heaven !!!

Taste of London is back and I simply can not wait. It is held at Londons Tobacco Docks from the 17th November to the 20th November. It is an amazing venue with a lot of history to it. It is also perfect for a foodie event!!
Taste showcases a lot of restaurants and food companies, as well as homemade small business products. There will also be many famous chefs showing us how to cook the right way and to show off their amazing cooking skills, like Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett and the amazing Marcus Wareing. There are plenty of cooking demonstrations that you can actually book yourself in and try out new kitchen equipment and watch live cooking demonstrations. There is literally something for everyone.
For me, I just like walking around, trying out new food samples and buying goods that we enjoyed. I do like watching the chefs cook and gain ideas and just watch in complete awe of their effortless way of cooking. How do chefs makes everything look so easy????

Monday, November 07, 2016

Macabella Chocolate Spread Giveaway #SpreadTheSecret

I've found a chocolate spread that all you chocolate lovers Must try!! It is absolutely divine and seriously just melts on your tongue.
It's not just any chocolate spread though, this one is creamy and full of flavour, it is by far one of the best I've ever tasted.
Macabella is the first of its kind and they have two options, Velvet and Crunch. Now the reason it is so special is because it is infused with the finest toasted macadamia nuts. Oh yes !!! Sounds exciting doesnt it?!

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Emirates Airline in London

If you are in London for the day, and fancy doing something different, yet exciting, and at a good price, you must give the Emirates Airline a ride. 

If you are visiting The Excel or The O2, then this is an absolute must, plus you get discounted tickets if you attending an event.
It's a 10 minute journey across the Thames, and its very slow so you can take in all the views of London. 
I've wanted to do this ages, and as we were visiting The Excel as a family, I just had to book this in as an added extra. It was less than £2.00 per person!! Bargain. 
I really wanted the kids to experience this, as when we do go on a ski-ing holiday, you go on a gondola every day to get to the top of a mountain to ski on, so this was a perfect practice experience for them.
Myself and my daughter were a little nervous before we got on, as .... obviously, it is Really high and you are floating over water, however.... its super safe and we all loved it. 

Have a look at their website : and make the most of your trips in London.

Ski & Snowboard Show with The Telegraph #GetMoreWinter

Yesterday we travelled to Battersea Evolution in the park to go to The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show and I wanted to show you some of the awesome stunts we saw.