Renna's Discoveries: The Gauntlet Games

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Gauntlet Games

In just a month I will be completing the Gauntlet Games in Trent Park near London with a few of my best mates. We completed Rough Runner last year which was so much fun and a great excuse to try and attempt a bit of running and strengthening up the muscles.

When I saw The Gauntlet games advertised, I thought it would be perfect for us, as we're up for a laugh and we don't all take the fitness side of it too seriously..... as in, most of don't go to the gym, we like keeping fit and making the most of what fitness we can do, but we're not marathon trainers.

It sounds so much fun, and as it's purely for a laugh, everyone of any fitness level can do this.

Its a 5km run with all the obstacles but if you fancy doing a 10km run you can do all the obstacles twice. Which is a huge bonus, as obstacles don't always take a long time to do, so its great to get the chance to do them again, so you can try and perfect it and to get even wetter !!!
They will have giant slides, balancing obstacles,  jumping obstacles and the good ole monkey bars too.

Here's the route :

Looks awesome doesn't it.

They also have them planned in Cardiff, Brighton & Manchester so get yourself signed up for a laugh and also to raise money for charity.

Hope to see some of you there !!!


All Photos are from The Gauntlet Games Website