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About Me

First and foremost I'm a Mum of two wonderful kiddies. They are still young, so I am enjoying them for as long as I can. I seem to spend every free moment during the day on social media, unless I'm doing my 'homemaker duties', or exercising or walking the dogs. I used to work in the hospitality industry, which sent me around England visiting different hotels. I've stayed in all classes from B&B's and Hostels all the way up to 5 star. I really loved working, and I aim to one day do a similar role.
My main achievements at work was convincing the Hotel Managers to accept taking business from a very high end Football Team and changing the whole way of them doing business. Now nearly every football team stay and train there. In the same Hotel, I converted over a Million pounds in business in one year. Before you ask.....No I didn't receive any recognition or any kind of work in hotels because you love it and nothing else !!!
For now, I love visiting different restaurants and reviewing them on different websites and apps. I was an avid reviewer on TripAdvisor, so much so, that I was in the top ten for Rickmansworth for restaurant and hotels. So I thought, that I might aswell do it for myself too.
I'm always happy to review, and I am as honest as I can be. I believe in Presentation is Key and All Feedback is Good Feedback.

I am happy to review any product and I promise to give you my honest opinion. My blog is a mixture of my own products that I have either purchased or gifts from friends and family and a few that I have been sent to review or to blog about.

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