Renna's Discoveries: Taste of London

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taste of London

Last weekend, myself and the Hubs went to The Taste of London festival at London's amazing Tobacco Dock. The venue is incredible with loads of areas, that makes you feel like you're in a maze, it just keeps going..... There were so many vendors selling their home-made goods and restaurant chefs showing off their skills, and helping people to cook simple yet amazing dishes.

As we love food, it was great fun sampling different products. We had cheese, ham, breads, marinades, tea, cordials and chocolate. We had a few favourite discoveries.

Edwards Cordials can be mixed with still or sparkling water, and when tasting it with sparkling, it certainly did remind me of the popular fruity sparkling drinks that's sold everywhere. This can also be mixed with alcohol if you like it that way. This is the Healthy cordial and very delicious. It comes in many flavours including strawberry & mint, rhubarb & lavender and raspberry & ginger.
How beautiful are these meringues, home made by the Meringue Girls. Too good to eat ! But make for a stunning display. Meringue Girls 
Kirsty's Home made Scotch Eggs - with special Soft Centers - absolutely perfectly done. She has so many flavours, so there is something for everyone. Kirsty's Facebook Page
The Shake Shack - which is based in Covent Garden Market Building.These burgers are some of the best I have ever tasted. They are based on Roadside Burgers sold in Manhattan USA, where they originate from. They are full of flavour, succulent and amazing. The best part is the fact that it is all fresh. It doesn't taste or look like your standard processed burger. The 'Shroom Burger' had whole Portobello mushroom slices in it with melted cheese in the middle !!! It is definitely worth a visit. 

Cranes of Cambridge has produced a unique new alcoholic drink using crushed cranberries.
Genius idea. Low calorie and full of flavour. They currently have three flavours including: Original Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Kiwi.
Belazu has been going for over 20 years, and it still produces the most amazing pastes, which can be used as marinades, stir through sauces, dips, or anything really. This is a very versatile product, and really tasty. Belazu can be found in your local Waitrose supermarket. Belazu Website
Mortimers Cider is a really fresh tasting cider which is full of flavour. They were also serving Henry Westons Mulled Cider, which was perfect on a chilly morning. It certainly warmed me up! I really wanted one of their cider cups, but they weren't selling them. I may have to ask again, so I can use it for their mulled cider at home.
I love watching MasterChef ! So to see Ping Combes showing us how easy it was to make a Beef Rengang was very inspiring. She is a wonderful chef, and proved herself so by winning Masterchef 2014. She makes everything look so easy, and she is incredibly calm when cooking.
She is currently representing Malaysia Kitchen, and has been doing demonstrations at different foodie events all year. I have to admit, I did get a little starstruck when meeting her, and possibly embarrassed myself a little, but hey....who cares......she's brilliant!
See her website Pings Pantry for recipes and what she's been up to since winning MasterChef.

Near the end of our day at Taste, we managed to squeeze in a cooking demonstration by the one and only Theo Randall. He made a mouth-watering steak with deep fried artichokes.
Chef Randall is the Head Chef and owner of his own restaurant in the Intercontinental London Hotel.
One day when I am lucky enough, I will dine in his restaurant, and tell you all about it!
We had a great time at Taste of London and I can not wait until the next one in the summer.