Renna's Discoveries: Clams Homemade Cakes

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Clams Homemade Cakes

How lucky of me to be given a huge box full of cakes to try. Cakes are one of my favourite things to eat. I would eat Afternoon Tea every day, if I could! 
I enjoy making cakes, always have, although I still need to perfect decorating them. I'm more of a messy finish type of decorator. 
There are so many cake choices in the world, sometimes making it difficult to choose. 
So being given cakes, makes it easier. In my delivery I had :

Christmas Jazzies Shortbread Biscuits
These were really yummy. Lovely thick biscuits, with the perfect amount of icing on top. 
These were my favourite biscuits. We all loved these. I've had to hide the last two from my husband! Sssssh don't tell him. 

Christmas Tree Shortbread Biscuits

These are the perfect dunking Christmas biscuits. Although, you do have to eat them quick after being dunked. However, in the evening after all the rushing around , these biscuits are what you want to sit and relax and nibble on.

Red Velvet Chocolate CupCakes 

I thought these cakes were Chocolate Cakes, but after cutting one into half, I had a lovely Christmassy surprise. Great red colour and actually really delicious. They were still really moist and very tasty. The kids have loved these. Which I'm really happy about, as they normally just eat the icing, and throw the cake away. So, to eat the whole cake, they must be fab! 

Chocolate Brownies 
These won 'Great Taste Gold 2011
Mmmmmm, I love Chocolate Brownies, especially when they are cooked properly. These are thick 
sophisticated brownies which are lovely and moist. Because of the thick slices they can be cut up further to share around. 

Mince Pies
 I personally don't like mince pies, as I'm not a raisin fan, but my husband said these were nice. Great crumbly texture and nice moist filling. Another favourite at Christmas time, and a very traditional cake to have after dinner. 

Christmas Cake
We haven't tasted this as we are going to keep it for Christmas Day. 
Looks good though ! A straight forward cake with marzipan and royal icing laid on top. 
As you can see, the packaging is nice, and make for great gifts too. So, if you're not one for baking at home, you could order loads and give them out. Great gifts for teachers and the kids friends. 
All the cakes are homemade in Wales so that gives for that something special. 
My kids really liked them, and would have happily eaten the lot! 
We really loved them too!
Clam Cakes started off in a cake and coffee shop and soon become so popular they were delivering all over Wales and were the exclusive suppliers to a department store in Cardiff. No surprise really, as all their ingredients are fresh. The eggs are free range, and all the cakes are cooked in small batches to ensure the freshness. With this in mind, you know that your particular cake has actually had love poured into it, which makes for special eating. Factory produced cakes loose something, and they are full of preservatives as they seem to never go off......etc. 
Clam Cakes have also won awards over the 10 years for their cake quality. 
To get you excited, listen to their other cakes ! 
Walnut Cakes, Sticky Almond Cake, Carrott Cake (yes please!) , Chocolate Fudge Cake (yes please!) 
Banana & White Chocolate Cake (omg ! Sounds amazing) and ....wait for it........Salted Caramel and Peacan Cake........whoah ! Yes please ! 
Thank goodness they deliver quick !
My box was sent out on Thursday, and I had them by Friday late morning. Fabulous! 
Have a look at their website for further details, prices and delivery times. 
I can not promise that you won't start drooling though! 

*I won this selection through a competition