Renna's Discoveries: Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert White Power Light Serum

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert White Power Light Serum

I've been using Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert White Power Light Serum for a couple of weeks now and I think it's time to share my opinion.
It's Brilliant !
As much as I love my make up, some days, as being a mother, I just can't be bothered in the mornings to put my face on or I just don't have the time. You know, breakfast needs to be chosen and milk needs to be poured, uniform needs to be found ......
I was explaining this to a friend and the fact that although certain moisturisers are amazing and make my skin feel soft and smooth, my skin can then looks dull after a while. Does anyone else have this problem?
So, she bought me home a small limited Christmas Edition of Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert White Power Light Serum. She thought it would be perfect for me to try.

Germaine De Capuccini describe it as - An incredible 'super serum' that detoxifies and illuminates the skin. This is absolutely true. I love the feeling of my skin afterwards, and throughout the day. It certainly does illuminate the skin. I shine bright like a diamond ! The dullness has gone, and even without make up on, I feel confident enough to leave the house. I can definitely say that my skin has certainly improved because of using this product. I have used this with and without make-up, and it's wonderful. 
This is a screen shot from their website:

This is my bottle. As you can see, I have most definitely been using it. (These are not just words, I like to test products before reviewing) I will have to get another bottle quick, as it's currently being sold for just £14.50 reduced from £22.90. So be quick ladies.
Another plus side is that, I really love the packaging too. It's such a cute pretty bottle, and with the serum being pink, it will look lovely on anyone's dressing table. 
Germaine De Capuccini have recently celebrated 50 years of Spa & Skincare Excellence. 
So clearly, they must be doing something right. 
This is an amazing brand, and I can not wait to use more products and tell you about them.
You can buy Germaine De Capuccini products direct from their website or check their Spa stockists. They are spread all over the UK in specialised Spas. 

If you are in London, I suggest you walk into Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel as they now stock the products and specialise in Germaine De Capuccini Treatments. See their website for further details.