Renna's Discoveries: My Love for Love Flowers in Rickmansworth

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Love for Love Flowers in Rickmansworth

My friend from school , Ryan Wicks owns Love Flowers in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. I have a huge love for flowers myself, I have no idea what most of them are called, but the pure beauty of them fills me with joy.
Whilst working in hotels, you get to understand the huge importance of flowers around the hotel and for each event. The flowers can represent the product that is being promoted, or the season of year, or just a continuation of a colour scheme for a wedding. Flowers bring the room to life and the smell they produce also wakens everyone senses. Flowers are chosen for many reasons. They can be simple displays of one or two flowers or all the way up to a huge mass of flowers.
Ryan has been extremely busy with weddings over the past few years, and now he's moving up the Event ladder, and his displays are absolutely incredible. So I wanted to show you some of my favourite displays that Love Flowers have completed these last couple of months.

Love Flowers are in Rickmansworth town center in Hertfordshire, however they can delivered all over England.
Love Flowers are extremely creative and accommodating, so feel free to ask for any flowers you require and Ryan and his amazing team will source them for you and display them in the most magical way. 

*These photos are all property of Love Flowers. I have collated them together.