Renna's Discoveries: Best Cleaning Products

Monday, January 19, 2015

Best Cleaning Products

As I am a full time mother at present, and I spend a lot of time cleaning and trying to keep the house organised, I just wanted to quickly recommend two products that I now Can Not clean without.
These are Viakal and Harpic Power Plus.
I have tried so many different cleaning products, as the two things I always struggled with was Limescale around the sink and bathroom and the toilet that just never looks clean. Living with kids, the toilet doesn't get flushed as much as it should which makes the toilet get dirty after a while. Especially overnight, when you're trying to be quiet.
I have tried most of the budget and supermarket own brands, and these are all perfectly fine for cleaning the surfaces in the kitchen and for the floors. I will literally get anything that's on offer.

But....when it comes to these two products, I just wish, I just bought them at whatever price they were, as they are worth every penny. No budget version works. Not one ! So don't go for the cheap imitations as in the end, you have spent a ridiculous amount of money on a load of rubbish.
So, save your money next time you're shopping and buy these products and everything will be shining and new looking again. They can both be bought almost anywhere and everywhere.

New discovery
I had some black mould, I think, at the very top of my bathroom tiles, just in the corner. 
For weeks I looked at it and wondered what would be the best thing to use. People told me to scrub it off, which I would have tried if it wasn't for the location. I'm only a shorty, so I couldn't even reach it, and I wasn't prepared to put a chair in the bath to reach it. 
So, one night when I was in Asda, I bought Astonish!
On returning home, I sprayed the area, and a few others around the bath, and magic, after I sprayed the areas with the shower afterwards, the black mould was GONE! No scrubbing took place. 
Brilliant stuff.