Renna's Discoveries: Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Watford Intu

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Watford Intu

After a long day shopping in the Sales in Watford's Intu, we decided to have dinner out as a last treat of 2014. I had heard that the Gourmet Burger Kitchen had recently opened, so I suggested we give it a go. We have already dined in a Birmingham branch, but it was such a long time ago, so we couldn't remember if it was worth revisiting. 
Anyways, we entered into an extremely busy restaurant , with incredibly friendly staff. Smiles all round. We were told to go to the top part and tell Simon to seat us, as he had One spare table. 
The restaurant is at the front of Intu Watford, in the old Waterstones, so it's easy to find. 
Simon seated us and gave us menus. We were informed to go to the bar to make our orders when we were ready. I have to say, I have no idea why they don't take orders at the tables ...... Especially when you hear the prices.
Prices aside, GBK has clearly proved incredibly popular, as after opening their first restaurant in 2001, they now have over 60 restaurants. 

This is our order.
Strawberry Milkshakes
Adult glass £4.10
This was absolutely delicious, and I had to force myself not to drink it all in one go. 
Thank goodness for the tap water that every table is offered. So I drank that instead and saved my milkshake for dessert. 

This is a Camemburger £9.75
100% prime beef burger, camembert, hash brown, truffle mayo, onion jam relish all in a brioche bun.
As you can see, they are not shy with the amount of Camembert in the burger. Looks amazing doesn't it ! 

This is an Avocado Bacon £9.15
100% prime beef burger, avocado, crispy bacon! house mayo, relish, salad all in a burger bun.
My first thought when this was put infront of me was ....oh my goodness, look at the size of it. I'm never going to eat all of that.....Well, I did! I'm glad I didn't get fries to go with it. I was stuffed, but, there was no way I was going to leave any of it, it just tasted way too good. 
My only problem was.....because I didn't share mine with the Hubs, he didn't let me taste his Camemburger. (Which I was actually upset about....but he didn't get mine, so we were even)

The children both had a junior meal at £6.95 each
Which consist of a choice of plain burgers - fish, chicken, bean or beef burger, choice of sides and a drink.

These are their Skinny Fries. They are the skinniest fries, I have ever seen! The kids really enjoyed them as they could fit loads in their mouths at once. The hubs couldn't resist either. They were actually fun to eat.....sounds weird, but true. 
My daughter didn't really enjoy her fish burger, as it had too much 'spice' in the batter. So, a plain burger may have been better for her.

I thought the food was delicious, and I'm not surprised GBK have been successful. 
They are, however, quite pricey, but you certainly get what you've paid for.
Obviously they do do much cheaper options and lunch time specials which are probably better value, but if you go for a special, be prepared to pay. 

I would go again and I would definitely recommend it. The menu is so extensive when it comes to burgers, that there is plenty of choice for everyone. 

The Watford Branch opens at 11am every day and closes at 11pm every night except Sundays when it closes at 10pm. Which is great for the busy shoppers and for anyone that is drinking or clubbing in Watford, as they can go here before heading out.

Have a look at the website for menu choices, and Enjoy !