Renna's Discoveries: Haughton Honey

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Haughton Honey

Honey is something everyone should have in their cupboards. It can be used in loads of recipes and is an alternative to sugar. I wouldn't say it was hugely healthier than sugar, but it sure is more natural. Humans have been collecting honey, ever since humans realised what it is, and how to actually obtain it from bee hives. They were clearly very brave or stupid at the beginning, as we all know that bees sting. 
I've always used honey in different ways. Simply spread on bread or toast, or any kind of croissant or pastry. It can be made into hot drinks when you are unwell, added to all kinds of different cakes, added to meals to sweeten them up. Homemade mushroom soup with honey is just delicious.

Now, I believe this is by far, the most gorgeous packaging for honey. The jar is the shape of a honey comb, and the colours on the label are very eye catching. I just love everything about it, and would obviously look beautiful on any shelf, at home or in a shop. Haughton Honey is 100% pure and natural. They also donate 5p from every jar sold to help protect our Bees with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Bonus ! It's good to hear that product makers do actually help the environment as well as help produce delicious products. This honey is produced in Cheshire England with our wonderful British bees. We all have to make sure our bees stay safe, and there are plenty of flowers and plants for them. 

Another great thing is ......look how full the jars are! 
On the website the offer quarterly and yearly memberships, so you'll always have enough honey in the house. A lot of people are turning to different alternatives to sugar, so, it's growing increasingly popular. For gifts, I like to give things that people will actually use, and food is always a great bet. These jars would make amazing gifts. 

Have a look at Haughton Honeys Website here 

Let us know your thoughts, and get ordering.

*I won this product through a competition