Renna's Discoveries: Meat Porter

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Meat Porter

Over the past few years the delivery of food to your home has become increasingly popular. People seem to have less time to go shopping apparently. I have tried online food shopping when the kids were babies. However, I was never overly pleased with what they picked for me and then they would substitute for the next best thing. I personally prefer to pick my own, as I know I'm getting the best of the bunch.
So when a friend of mine offered me her Turkey Box from Meat Porter, I thought it was just going to be the last of whatever they had in the shop. wrong was I ! Have a look !
The meat is all packaged nicely and securely in a polystyrene box. It has dry ice in it too, to keep the meat cool. This is what is included in the Turkey Box. Please note that Meat Porter has joined with Gressingham to supply Turkeys and Ducks.

1 x 4.25-5kg Free Range East Anglian Bronze Turkey with Giblets
1 x 1lb British Smoked Streaky Bacon
1 x 16 Classic British Premium Pork Chipolatas
1 x 500g Premium British Sausagemeat Stuffing
1 x 150g Free Range British Goose Fat
1 x Recipe book and cooking guidelines
This is priced at £79 with free delivery.
Amazing hey ? 
I've separated out the box so you can see clearly what is included.

Even has the best Goose Fat for amazing roast potatoes. 
Here's a picture of our turkey cooked and decorated with the bacon. 

With the sausage meant I decided to make Sausage Rolls instead of fresh stuffing, as I knew these would be eaten by the kids! Infact, my 6yr old made some too. This was the first time in years I had made these. Actually, if a six year old can make them, there is no excuse for anyone! 

Homemade food is always so much nicer. 
Here are my Sausage Rolls. They were so easy and delicious.
Have a look at Meat Porter, I promise you that the quality of the Meat is really good. This is your fantastic butcher that is delivered straight to your door. Plus its organic and Free Range which makes for amazing tasting meat. (Quite frankly, all meat should be organic and free range - no excuses)
Check out their Website for other boxes and what they can deliver. You can customise any order to get exactly what you want. ( They make it fun to order too - but you'll have to click the link to find out why)
When you're in a rush or the husband has arrange a last minute BBQ, don't panic, because they have Next Day Delivery too!!

I would definitely recommend Meat Porter, to anyone and everyone for all year round.

*A friend won this box through a competition, and offered it to myself as she wasn't home for Christmas