Renna's Discoveries: The Quintessential Sahara Scarf

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Quintessential Sahara Scarf

Shop owners and stockists, have a look at this beautiful scarf that I was given by Quintessential.
The quality of the Sahara Scarf is amazing. It has a beautiful design and really stands out from the crowd.

I've had a lot of comments saying how gorgeous it is, plus it goes well with my pink coat.
As its absolutely freezing out at the moment, I've been enjoying wearing it around the house to keep me warm aswell as outside. It's so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it.

As they sell to stockists the minimum order for a product is 2 plus units. They sell, Bags, Accessories and Scarves. 
The website is really easy to use and very clear. After looking through the categories, I've fallen in love with loads of products. If I had a shop, I would definitely be stocking up on Quintessential items. They have a great selection of bags and purses.

Have a look and let us know your thoughts. 

*I won this product through a competition