Renna's Discoveries: The Refinery Bar and Restaurant in London - Mixology Class

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Refinery Bar and Restaurant in London - Mixology Class

Cocktails and Food are two of my favourite things, so when I was invited to have a Cocktail Mixology Class at The Refinery Bar in London I was very excited. 
I took along two of my wonderful friends, so we could eat and have a catch up and make a night of it.
It's just over a five minute walk from Southwark Station, so it was easy to find. It's right in the middle of an office and apartment block, in a large glassed area. 
On first impression, it's huge. It also has a wonderful outside area, which I'm sure is absolutely packed over the summer months. There are blankets on all the tables, and a quirky feature is the silver teapots for ashtrays. Which I loved. Stops ash flying everywhere when it's windy. 
Inside the Refinery, the piping is all exposed in the ceiling. It also has a lot of little quirky features all around the restaurant and bar area. Flowers in different displays, a wall of wool, baskets and the chairs are all different too. Its full of lots of funky different features without looking messy.

It has a long bar which then turns the corner onto the open kitchen too. We started off the evening with food, as we were all really hungry when we arrived.Have a quick glance at the menu:
It took us quite a while to decide, as we would have happily tried half the menu! 
This is the Crispy Duck and Noodle Salad £9.95 
My friend ate the lot, so it must have been good.  However, she did feel that the duck was a bit too tough.
Sweet Chilli Chips and the Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice.
This is the Superfood Salad with quinoa, broccoli, cucumber, feta, mint and parsley.
The Olive Oil and Lemon Dressing was in the Watering Can ! I love these little quirky extras as it makes eating fun, and allows us to actually 'play with our food'. £9.45
Peking Duck flatbread in a half portion £5.50. This was lovely and refreshing, but again, the duck was too tough. 
I decided to go for the D&M burger, but, I didn't fancy too much bread, so I opted for the No Bun option and exchanged it for half an avocado. I wasn't offered any sauces, so I thought I'd go for it with no unhealthy extras. I actually really enjoyed this, and I liked adding the avocado with the burger. This is £8.95 
If I didn't have the below salad, I would have definitely asked for some sauce of some kind, as it did need something extra. Just a bit of mayonnaise would have been fine.
This is the Autumn Fall Flatbread with London Honey, Goats Cheese, 
Figs and Rocket. Perfect flavours and I definitely could haven eaten the full sized one. It was delicious. I have a sweet tooth, so with the honey drizzled over the dish was just divine. I couldn't resist ordering this, as it has all my favourites.
This is my non alcoholic Mojito with apple and mint. 
With my choices, I clearly fast forwarded to summer, they were all really tasty. 
We all really enjoyed our dinner, the flavours were good, the presentation was great and I would definitely recommend dining at The Refinery. 

Have a look at their Website and get a table booked.

After dinner we were taken over to a table all set up ready for our Mixology Class.
We had a selection of glasses, purees, sugar syrup, different strainers and a cocktail shaker.... Of course!
Peach and Mango Puree - we knew this purely by dipping our fingers in to taste. Yum!
The eggs made us nervous and wondered what on earth we'd be doing with them....
A bottle of Prosecco, Gin and other liquors.
We had such a giggle trying to work out what we'd be making. 
Marco came over and introduced himself to us and explained his role within The Refinery Bar. He was amazing, as he really took his time explaining the ingredients, how they were produced and why they were chosen for each cocktail. It really was quite fascinating.
Our first cocktail that we made was a Peach Bellini. I had no idea, exactly what went into making a bellini, I thought it was straight forward puree and is not !
We then made another drink - a Lime Sour
This needed a lot of ice and a good ole shake in the cocktail shaker. We laughed so much doing this - hence why I've forgotten the correct name of the drink.  This drink included the Egg Whites ..... The nerves of shaking the shaker was too intense, and we just tried to shake it without spilling anything, as we really didn't want egg white flying around the bar area. However with the help of Marco, none of us spilt anything and we all produced a surprisingly good cocktail.
Of course Marco's looked and tasted so much nicer, but apparently, its all in the shake ! So we clearly need more practice. The froth on top is the egg whites!!!!! No, I never knew that. So now, I will know if their are eggs in my cocktail!!
Our last drink was a Mango Mojito, which I have never considered before. Mango is one of my favourite fruits and flavours, so I was really excited to learn this one. It was wonderful to have a 'squish' and a 'slap' with this one.
Tasted delicious too!!!!
Here's Marco with my friend Miss M.
I would definitely recommend a mixology class for a night out. Its so much fun, and of course you get to drink everything you've created.
I can not wait for the next one !!!!

Thank you to Marco for making our evening so entertaining.

Don't miss out, get booked in !

The Mixology Classes are £25.00 per person, and bookings are from 5-10 guests.

*I won the Mixology Class through a competition.