Renna's Discoveries: February 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Poor Sony Xperia Camera Phone And O2 contract.

Whilst being stuck in a contract with O2 for two years - Yes Two whole years ! - My Sony Xperia Z has now got fluff stuck behind the camera lens. I have spoken with Sony as it is a WATERPROOF phone , it should also be a FLUFFPROOF phone. They recommended that I do a repair download on it. The man from Sony mentioned that I should back up my contacts and photos as they may get deleted.....
I did this on my laptop which took way too long. Anyways when this was done, I then followed the instructions to the software repair to see if the 'fluff'' wasn't fluff at all and hopefully the black marks on my camera would disappear.
The repair took forever, and then when I finally turned it back on - it had factory reset itself. Everything was gone, my apps, the layout was all different, and it had added apps that I didn't want.
Oh and ..... the fluff was still there !!!!!

108 Brasserie in Marylebone

I do love catching up with friends in lovely places. I seem to spend a lot of my time having quick chats whilst passing in the streets, or on the way to school. So, as I've heard a lot about 108 Brasserie in London, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to invite my friend London Bird Lucy to help me sample some of their amazing looking food and to have a good ole gossip!
108 Brasserie is set right in the middle of Marylebone, just off the high street. Very easy to find. They've recently had a refurbishment which was completed late last year, so I was eager to see the improvements.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Sweetpea Pantry - Super Food for Super Kids!

I enjoy making cakes and snacks with the kids. Its a fun learning experience for them seeing the before and after effects of cooking. Of course we are all trying to be super healthy (I say Trying, as sometimes its not always easy - especially when your kids go to parties or they are Offered sweets by friends!!!) I found a company that do healthy cake mixes. These are not your usual Healthy Cake Mixes, these are Super Healthy with Superfoods included. These are : Chia, Quinoa, Flax and Unrefined Sugars.
I received two packs to try out. My favourite snack are flapjacks and my husband loves ginger biscuits. So these were perfect, as we knew what to compare them to.
We made the Ginger Giggles first. Its inside a wonderful bright box with a fun design. Perfect to excite kiddies and encourage them to cook.