Renna's Discoveries: My Poor Sony Xperia Camera Phone And O2 contract.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Poor Sony Xperia Camera Phone And O2 contract.

Whilst being stuck in a contract with O2 for two years - Yes Two whole years ! - My Sony Xperia Z has now got fluff stuck behind the camera lens. I have spoken with Sony as it is a WATERPROOF phone , it should also be a FLUFFPROOF phone. They recommended that I do a repair download on it. The man from Sony mentioned that I should back up my contacts and photos as they may get deleted.....
I did this on my laptop which took way too long. Anyways when this was done, I then followed the instructions to the software repair to see if the 'fluff'' wasn't fluff at all and hopefully the black marks on my camera would disappear.
The repair took forever, and then when I finally turned it back on - it had factory reset itself. Everything was gone, my apps, the layout was all different, and it had added apps that I didn't want.
Oh and ..... the fluff was still there !!!!!

I've now had to spend hours sorting out the phone to get it back to how I liked it.
So now, I'm in a predicament, that my contract ends with O2 in April. To get an early upgrade I need to pay just under £50 to start again.
Sony has asked me to send them the phone to repair - however this could take two weeks and I'd be without a phone.
If I send it to O2 to repair, they will then send me a basic phone to keep me going until my phone is returned.
So, after pratting about repairing the phone (if they can), five to six weeks later, I would walk into an O2 store and get my upgrade.
Where is the logic in that ?????
The camera used to be absolutely amazing. I used to get super clear photos that you could zoom in really well. I have many pictures of flowers, bees and my local hedgehog close up aswell as many beautiful pictures of my kids. Now they are slightly blurry and each photo is ruined.

These photos would have looked amazing a few months ago. I am gutted, as it makes my photos look bad.