Renna's Discoveries: Sweetpea Pantry - Super Food for Super Kids!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Sweetpea Pantry - Super Food for Super Kids!

I enjoy making cakes and snacks with the kids. Its a fun learning experience for them seeing the before and after effects of cooking. Of course we are all trying to be super healthy (I say Trying, as sometimes its not always easy - especially when your kids go to parties or they are Offered sweets by friends!!!) I found a company that do healthy cake mixes. These are not your usual Healthy Cake Mixes, these are Super Healthy with Superfoods included. These are : Chia, Quinoa, Flax and Unrefined Sugars.
I received two packs to try out. My favourite snack are flapjacks and my husband loves ginger biscuits. So these were perfect, as we knew what to compare them to.
We made the Ginger Giggles first. Its inside a wonderful bright box with a fun design. Perfect to excite kiddies and encourage them to cook.

Inside the box is a bag of the dry ingredients, which you see below hiding under the egg. On the back of the box, it tells you exactly what is in the ingredients which includes wholemeal flour and wholegrain barley. See....all healthy stuff here!
I opted to use Honey instead of golden syrup or natural syrup. I love honey, its a natural ingredient that has not been messed around with. I used Haughton Honey which is 100% pure. I wanted to make these biscuits as healthy as possible.
Melting the butter and honey until frothy.
Add the melted mix to egg whites and the dry ingredients and mix well. When we mixed everything together, the smell, was just incredible. We had to taste the mix, because, well, its tradition! It really was amazing. Then, after controlling the urges to eat the lot, we left it to cool.
How easy is this ? A child could do it!
Once cooled, we gave the mix a good kneading, and then rolled out the mixture.
I decided on Shapes, as I was cooking with my 3 year old and I thought this was perfect. We rolled it out quite thin. It recommends 3-5 mm, but I think mine were about 2-3mm thickness. We made 52 small biscuits. You cant get much better value for that!
They were so easy to make and we had a great time cutting out different shapes.
If you like Ginger - then these are for you. I gave quite a few out and the comments were all positive. When I mentioned what was in them, no one believed me. These are the healthiest ginger biscuits I have ever tasted and they were delicious. They didn't last long.......two days I think.

Check out Sweetpea Pantry here :

*I was sent these packs to review