Renna's Discoveries: BBQUE Stir Fried Rice Recipe

Thursday, April 23, 2015

BBQUE Stir Fried Rice Recipe

I like quick easy meals for the kids to eat. They also have to be healthy and flavoursome. Obviously cooking for kids, I don't add extra salt, so this means I can add sauces and I can keep the salt consumptions to a low.
In one of my Degustabox deliveries, I had a bottle of BBQUE. I like the black bottle as it made it quite mysterious. This is actually a BBQ sauce that can be used as a marinade as well as a condiment. It has a gorgeous smoky flavour, and I could pour it over anything, or just use as a dipping sauce. It is delicious !
I thought I'd try an experiment and combine it with a household favourite. Stir fried Rice!
I marinated 4 pork loin steaks which I cut into slices in the BBQUE sauce and left it in the fridge for a few hours.
During the school pick up, I steamed rice in the microwave. (It's how my mum always used to cook rice, as it's easy and quick). When I returned, I stirred up the rice and left it.
I scrambled five eggs and removed them from the pan, where I then added the pork strips and fried them off in just a tablespoon of oil.
Once cooked, I added sweet corn, peas, string beans along with the egg and cooked them through.
Then I added the rice and mixed the whole lot together. I also added more BBQUE sauce as I didn't realise how large my dish was going to get per usual, I got a bit carried away.

Dish Done And Dinner was served ! Empty plates all round (albeit rice always seems to fall in the floor). Extra bonus is, as I made so much, Daddy had dinner when he got home and he also had a box for lunch, and so did I.

We have also marinated chicken strips to have with rice too. The kids loved this and we all had to have more sauce out on our plates as it's just so delicious.
I would definitely buy this sauce and I'd love to try its other flavours. They have Grill & Beechwood, Honey & Mustard and finally Chilli & Horseradish.
BBQ season is coming up, so these would be great to compliment any meat or vegetarian dish.

Order you Degustabox for a selection of new foods for you try.