Renna's Discoveries: Colchester Family Adventures

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Colchester Family Adventures

We recently visited Colchester after staying in a Caravan in Clacton on Sea with Park Resorts.

Upon visiting Colchester, the two main attractions that are a must visit are the Zoo and the Castle. You will need a whole day for the Zoo, so take a picnic and enjoy. Tickets on the door are £20.99 per adult and £14.49 per child. You can buy E-Tickets online the day before for a 5% discount.

There are so many wonderful animals here, ranging from Chimpanzees, Sealions, Rhinos (which are breeding.....Woohoo! ) Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys, Komodo Dragons and Jack the Cheetah.

The Meerkats had three babies running around with the adults, and you can just see a tiny one in this picture. They are super cute animals, and very protective of each other.

The Wolves were incredible and such elegant creatures.

A reasonable size area for a few African animals. Could have been a much bigger area for them, but at least they are safe and all happily breeding.

It does sadden me seeing animals in the Zoos, however Zoos all over England are getting much better and their main priority is Conservation. So breeding programme's are in place, and of course, the animals are safe from nasty poachers. We unfortunately need Zoos to protect and help our animals, with the hope that one day, animals can be released into safe environments.

Jack the Cheetah is a father to three cubs, and one of his cubs has recently had twins, which is fabulous news. He is waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive, so for now he is on his own. She will arrive in about 6 months when she is at the right age. Jack is 7, so he still has a few years ahead of him. His favourite meat is horsemeat and chicken.  
The Zoo have actually donated money and time to help the farmers in Africa to build large fences around their livestock to prevent any future cheetah shooting. Unfortunately animals are pushed further and further out of their territory but they still need to eat, so a farm with animals is easy pickings for a Cheetah. The unfortunate part is the fact that the farmers feel that they have to shoot the cheetahs to keep them out. So large fences will hopefully prevent further cheetah shootings.

I love Lions, here at Colchester there were three. Two females and one male.
We also saw two tigers, which was great to see as they were actually walking around their large enclosure, so we literally had to run from window to window to actually be able see them.  

This is the best part of Zoos. Watching the animals actually wander around. For years in my youth, all we ever saw were animals sitting still bored out of their minds, or doing the awful pacing. I didn't see any of this at Colchester Zoo. They do have a chimpanzee that had been used for testing in the past, so she is a bit nervous still, but it made me so happy to know that she is now being looked after.

Animals need to be looked after and protected.
Well done Colchester Zoo, I now know why everyone says you are one of the best in the UK.

Colchester Castle and Park are another absolute must see when visiting. It is one of the largest Norman Keeps in Europe, and it is over 2000 years old. This was wonderful for the Kiddies to see.
We visited Norwich Castle last year which is incredible and as the kids enjoyed it so much, we knew this would be a winner too.
Upon entering we were greeted by a super friendly man, who had been with the castle for years and who also dresses up in historian clothing on special occasions and 'protects' the Castle. We bought our tickets and workbook guides for the children to do (although I ended up doing one) and an interactive tablet.
Prices are £7.60 per adult and £4.75 per child. However we bought the Family Ticket at £20.00.
The workbooks were 50p each and the tablet was £1 to hire. 

There are plenty of opportunities to dress up the kids and ..... adults too, so you can step back in history too

Once we had left the Castle and the children had run the ruins on the outside, we rewarded their excellent behaviour with a trip to the Park which is right next to the castle.

This is an amazing park, and I really wish we had one exactly the same near us. Children play here all day !

I would definitely return to Colchester as I love towns full of history. I didn't want to spoil it for you, so make it part of a Family Day out and enjoy. Even better, stay for the weekend.