Renna's Discoveries: Lindor Chocolate Eggs

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lindor Chocolate Eggs

Ok, so Easter has passed, but Chocolate Eggs can be eaten all year round. Why? Because they are absolutely delicious!
Lindor Chocolate is actually my favourite. It's smooth and silky and tastes the best. I always get Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls for Christmas or my birthday. The red ones are my favourite - Milk Chocolate. Although, I will happily eat any flavour.
I like to have small bits of chocolates as opposed to chocolate bars, as the bars get eaten so quickly it's ridiculous. Any chocolate that is sold in individual packs or buttons are the best in my household.
If you are a chocolate lover, then Lindor is for you. Bars, balls and eggs! They have several flavours and also do limited editions every now and then, like cookies and cream.
You can buy Lindor is most shops and is always thoroughly enjoyed by Everyone!

These are my 5 Star Chocolates!