Renna's Discoveries: Natvia Natural Sweetner

Friday, April 24, 2015

Natvia Natural Sweetner

Sugar Sugar Sugar ! We are all desperately trying to avoid eating or drinking too much sugar. We have been advised to use sweeteners, but for years sweeteners taste is just so bitter, it's not sweet at all, and the artificial taste has been incredibly obvious.
When I did the Dukan Diet a few years ago, everything on the diet consisted of meat, fat free yoghurt and sweeteners. So I managed to try quite a few to try and find the right one. I couldn't.
Then we were told the dangers of aspartame ..... Which was/in in a lot of sugar free foods and drinks.
So, now what? Then coconut has taken over from refined sugars, which is brilliant news, but, I couldn't put it in my tea as the taste took over the tea flavour, and I still can't get to the grips of using it in cakes.
I do look at labels and a lot of products I bought as a youth, I no longer buy or drink. Fizzy drinks from a can is like a luxury to me, as I generally use sparkling water instead with certain cordials or juices.
However, as much as you try, Sugar is everywhere.
Luckily, I may....just may have found my Tea Sugar option at last. I've yet to try it in cakes, but so far so good ..... Got to start somewhere!
Natvia came in my Degustabox delivery. It's Zero calories and No nasty chemicals. Going on taste alone, it's actually not bad. Obviously, nothing will ever be the exact same taste of sugar, but, this at least made my tea palatable. There was no dirty after taste and very pleasant.
I will definitely be buying this again, and I recommend you do too.

This is one sachet.
Natvia ! Don't forget the name ! Read all about them on their website