Renna's Discoveries: Ombar Chocolates Buttons

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ombar Chocolates Buttons

Chocolate is one thing I will never be able to give up. So trying new types of 'healthy' chocolates is always a bonus.
Ombar Buttons are Dairy Free and made with Coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is everywhere at the moment. People are trying to cut out sugar and coconut sugar or alternative is a great substitute. Obviously, it does taste different, some people say they can't tell the difference, but I'm not sure on that.

Ombar chocolate is Dairy free, so, it tastes just like extremely dark chocolate. Which I actually don't mind. Ok so, yes I do prefer milk chocolate, but dark is good for limiting your chocolate consumption. Because these are big buttons, you may put a small amount in your mouth at a time, so it's not to overwhelming.

I really like these, and I have tested them out on quite a few of my family, who have had to alter their diets in one way or another. It was definitely a mixed response, but the dark chocolate lovers loved them immediately, and the more milky chocolate lovers, had to have a few before realising that, actually, they are quite nice. A couple said No, never again. But everyone is different.
I would actually buy these again. They are small packs, so you can put a pack in the fridge and every now and then have a couple to keep your chocolate fix covered. Approx 15 buttons to a bag.
When I did the Dukan Diet a few years ago, these would have been the perfect chocolate treat. It's Dark, no sugar, no dairy and all ingredients are Organic !

I love the packaging designs too, very funky!

These can be bought online and in bulk. Ombar have many other types of chocolate bars to try, however, my kids prefer buttons and I like that they are small packs.

Have a look at their website

You can buy yours from The Raw Chocolate Shop

*I won these through a competition