Renna's Discoveries: BakerDays.Com Cake Review

Monday, May 18, 2015

BakerDays.Com Cake Review

Cakes by delivery is becoming big business. Its quick and simple to do it online and is cheaper than flowers. So if you have a friend that prefers cake, BakerDays.Com is for you. The Letterbox Cake is exactly that. Its small enough to go through your letterbox, so no need to wait around for a delivery, or any risk of Mr Postman leaving it outside when its raining (anyone else had this problem?) Obviously BakerDays.Com do have a selection of cakes from Cup Cakes to Large Cakes depending on the event and the gift. 
They have six delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Half and Half, Fruit, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. So there is something for everyone. 
The best part is that you can personalise them. They have many different designs you can choose, or you send over your logo or picture and this can be printed direct onto the icing. Sounds great right?
I chose a Chocolate flavoured cake with their own Anniversary print, as it was our anniversary in March. We love cake so this was a perfect treat for the hubs.
The Letter Box cake comes well packaged and protected. They can also deliver the very next day if you order before 2pm. So if you've forgotten a birthday, this is a great quick option for you.
The cake comes in a cute tin that keeps it fresh.
All securely wrapped to keep in the freshness. When you open the box, the small is extremely overwhelming. So, for a sweet tooth, this will be the best present ever.

It's a cute size and as you can see, even my knife is bigger than the cake. So, for us greedies out there, you can literally eat the whole cake and not feel too guilty.
Its a lovely moist sponge but the chocolate is a rich sponge, so make sure they are chocolate lovers !!

I'd love to try the vanilla sponge as I have read so many great things about the flavour on other blog posts.

There is also, a large covering of icing, so dependent on your tastes, you can peel it off easily, if you prefer not so much.

All the cakes can last up to two weeks, although, I'm sure it would have been eaten by then.

BakerDays.Com can provide many cakes for a corporate event, and then can also add in candles for birthday cakes. If you order the medium and large cakes, you will also receive a Cake Slicer too.
So, the box will literally have everything you need for a great gift.

*Thank you to BakerDays.Com in sending me a cake to review. All views are my own.