Renna's Discoveries: GETT - Order your Taxi direct from your phone

Monday, May 18, 2015

GETT - Order your Taxi direct from your phone

When I'm out and about, I like to feel safe. I will use the trains as much as I can, but if I require a Taxi, I'll use my GETT App. I've mentioned GETT before. Previously known as Get Taxi.
Its an app that you download onto your phone to be able to book a Safe Black Cab.  The app asks you to enter your details and your preferred payment method i.e. Cash or Card including PayPal. You will need to enter your card details even if you wish to use Cash just as a back-up though.

Once you've added all your details, you can also choose whether you wish to tip or not, 5% up to 12%, so you don't need to carry any change at all. Your receipts are emailed to you straight away, so you can keep a record of your taxi rides for expense reasons.

Once you've ordered your taxi, you'll see how far away the taxi is and how long it will be. You'll also see the taxi drivers face in a photo and the registration number of the car. I love this, as then its easier to spot the oncoming taxi and you know you are with the right taxi driver. This is the safest way to travel, as you have all the drivers details before you've even entered the taxi. They do call you to ensure they pick you up exactly where you are aswell. So no one else can jump in your taxi.

GETT only use Black Taxis.  Black Taxis are always licensed, which means they have the correct training and all the correct paperwork. All black cab drivers train for 2-4 years. This ensures the shortest routes, and avoiding any known traffic hot spots. They know exactly where they are going without any use of a Sat Nav. Their training includes The Knowledge test which is one of the hardest in the world.  They have to know all major London roads, landmarks, hotels, places of interest, and how long it will take from A to B. You could ask a Taxi Driver anything about London, and they'll more than likely know the answer.

I am extra safe and screen shot which taxi I have and send the screenshot to a friend. As friends worry, when you're travelling alone, so this app gives peace of mind to all. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Gett drivers will ensure all lone females have entered their home or work place before driving off.

Gett taxis can also be pre-booked for after dinners or to the airport etc. Perfect, so no worrying about if you can get a taxi outside. this saves you waiting around, especially on your own.

Gett taxis are now in all major cities and are also abroad. So you'll be safe where ever you go.

Mini cab drivers do not need any training and go by Sat Nav alone. Sat Navs are not always correct, as I have landed on dirt tracks before trying to get through Someones farm. I sure wouldn't want to be in a back of a mini cab down a dirt track......especially if they have no idea where they are going.