Renna's Discoveries: Meze Mangal Restaurant in Chorleywood

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meze Mangal Restaurant in Chorleywood

As I was wandering through Chorleywood high street, I noticed a new restaurant. Well, new to me anyways. I saw the previous fast food restaurant being stripped a few weeks before, so I knew something was coming. Well, it turns out that the most successful kebab shop in Rickmansworth high street was opening its first restaurant in the lovely quiet town of Chorleywood.
I saw a large sign outside stating 'bring your own alcohol' which a lot of restaurants are doing now. Ultimately, it is a take away kebab shop, but with a few tables and chairs for guests to sit and relax, and have the best kebab! So, we agreed to go for a girls night out and a belated birthday dinner to check it out.

They've gone for a similar take on the Rickmansworth takeaway, as the set up is the same in both shops. Huge counter full of the different types of kebabs that they do, along side the kebab grill. The smell is just amazing. Everything is cooked fresh (as it should be) and everything is homemade! It's not bought in, it's all prepared onsite.
We started off with fantastic bread and hummus which never lasts long  (we actually finished off three portions of bread throughout our meal!)
Then, as we can never decide on anything, we opted for the Hot Mezze for the four of us. So, that's two portions. The Hot Mezze consists of three huge slices of grilled halloumi, three skinny stuffed vine leaves, Turkish 
meatballs (look like mini beef burgers ) three feta and parsley parcels, and grilled Turkish sausage 
with a small salad. I couldn't get a photo, as we literally just dived in. It was absolutely delicious, we all shared it, having one and half of everything each. We prefer to pick at food when we're out as then we get to taste loads of different dishes. Just thinking about it wants me to drive there now and get one. 
Then for our mains, two of us chose the Chicken Shish Kebab. I don't eat Lamb, so I generally go for the chicken options, and as we'd already had halloumi, I didn't go for the halloumi kebab, but I will do next time.
The Chicken Shish is served with rice and salad. The chicken is beautifully cooked and well 
flavoured. Oh my goodness......just perfect! These men have been cooking the perfect kebab for 
years, so, you'll always have a great meal and definitely go back again and again. 
Miss M decided on the lamb kebab. It looked great, and luckily for my husband, she couldn't eat it all, so I took the lamb home for him. As I don't buy it or cook it lamb is a treat for him. He said that it 
was great as always. He's a fan of Express Mangal Rickmansworth. 
Miss E had the lamb chops, which is favourite of hers. Looks so good doesn't it. She finished it off with no problems! 
With your kebabs, you are always offered the chilli sauce or garlic sauce. We couldn't decide, so he bought us both. 
I want to mention, how amazingly attentive the staff are. All of them! They are a great fun friendly guys. The waitress who was on that night was also wonderful. They all happily chat with you, but they know their boundaries, and always leave you to enjoy your meal. 
Because it's a take away shop, they are always busy, and I've always loved watching chefs cook, so this was a treat, as it's all open for everyone to see. 
We finished off with Baklava, as you do! So good. We had a great meal and I cant wait to go again.
Take your own alcohol, they have a good selection of soft drinks and juices if you wish not to. 
Mezze Magal is a real treat and I'm so pleased there is one in Chorleywood. 
Monday to Friday they are open all day 11.30am to 11.00pm
Sunday they are open 12.00 to 10.00pm

On their menu it says on the back:
' Mangal is the Anatolian term for an open charcoal fire used for cooking, around which family and friends gather to eat, drink and socialise. Mezze Mangal uses the freshest ingredients and chargrilled them to perfection. You are welcome to bring your own bottle as we charge no corkage fee' 

This really is a must visit restaurant if you are ever in the area. 

Check out their Rickmansworth express Mangal Menu here
Here is the menu for Mezze Mangal in Chorleywood