Renna's Discoveries: My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - May

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - May

Beauty products are everywhere, beauty bloggers are everywhere too. People are always trying to tell you what you should be using, what you shouldn't be using and at what age you should start using them. The thing I don't understand is they also tell us how many layers to put on your skin. When I was younger, it was just one layer and that was moisturiser. Now we are supposed to cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, eye cream and then primer all before we then layer with make-up. Sounds crazy when you write it down. I'm not hugely consistent when it comes to creams, I'll use whatever is in front of me, however, I do have my favourites.
I would happily use Simple products all the time, they are good for my skin and I've been told many times, that I do not look my age. They are easy to buy from any supermarket and I've never really felt the need to change my brand. They contain pro-vitamin 5 and vitamin E and there are No chemicals to damage my skin.
I have a wonderful friend of mine Miss E that insists that I try out certain creams for feedback reasons and also, just because she loves to treat me to new products. So although I still use Simple, I also use a range of other brands too.

Miss E has introduced me to Germaine De Capuccini, which, I have say is brilliant. It's delicate on the skin and feels great. The cleanse cream doesn't leave any greasy feel that I have found others do in the past. It's smooth to apply and just wipes off leaving no residue. The toner is really nice too. It doesn't leave anything on your skin and just disappears. Both smell really nice, its like a very mild fruity smell. I do really love Germaine De Capuccini products. See a previous post on their Time Expert serum.

Germaine De Capuccini produce many different products. I actually really like using oil on my
skin. I'm a lifetime user of baby oil on my skin after having a shower, and I like to put oils in the bath
to cover my skin. ( although I do have to say, that using oil straight afterwards whilst still standing in the shower is Not safe, especially for the next person ! I've certainly had a few slips in my time, and so has my hubs, so I only use oil once I'm out of the shower now!! ) I have a couple of Germaine De Cappucini oils. These include their highest selling product of Rose Hip Oil and also their Firming Body Oil. They both feel great and the Rose Hip Oil can be used on the face and body. Another bonus is they smell amazing. It's a very relaxing scent and is lovely whilst lying in bed. Plus there is no need for perfume if worn during the day.  It's a scent that you'll never tire of and the skin feels lovely and smooth too. The Rose hip actually improves the appearance of my skin, it seems to give something back, and it also protects your skin from those all those chemicals in the air.....especially in the cities. Rose Hip oil is recommended for skin that has been operated on to help with scaring, stretch marks and it's also great for improving your skin if you are having to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
There are plenty of great oils that can reduce scaring, but this is apparently one of the best. I need to get loads more, as I know quite a few people that can be very self conscience of their scars. I'd love to test it to it's full potential. (However, please never be ashamed of your scars, all scars tell a story, that mostly have a happy ending.)
Read about Germaine De Cappucini here

Another Oil that I really like is Aromatherapy Associates. This feels great, goes on easily, and makes you smell like you've just spent all day in a spa! Its gorgeous and is great for the skin. I have been using the face oil under make up too. Make up just glides on and there is no after shine or greasy feel about it. It really is great.
I have quite a few Aromatherapy products that I use every now and then. This is definitely a brand that I associate more with spa treatments. So, buy, apply and relax !

One of my Christmas presents from Miss E last year was this gorgeous little set from Natura Bisse. It comes in a lovely bright box, which goes with the scent of Orange. This is a lively scent, as there is absolutely no mistaking that it is based on oranges along with the high content of Vitamin C. This is a skin firming set, and I'm loving it. This is my morning cream, it sure does wake me up. The Vitamin Splash is wonderful when I'm tired as you spray it onto your skin, so this also doubles up as a skin cooler if you get all hot and bothered.

They are also great sizes, so they fit easily in your handbag, or to take away with you. Natura Bisse can be purchased in Selfridges in London and online. 

Thalgo is another amazing brand. It suits my skin perfectly. Its a French brand and we all know that the French seem to age well. They have healthy lifestyles and clearly have amazing skin products.
This Comfort Cream for your face is something I personally use at night time if I can't get my hands on my night cream. The smell is very subtle, which my hubs likes, and its a good intense cream for your face. My skin looks radiant in the morning, so its a winner in my eyes. This set is for dry skin, so I use it, as I seem to have a patch that appears every now and then on my forehead .... although I can only notice it when I put certain foundations on my face.
I like the Collagen Eye programme for its Roll On (I've yet to use the eye masks that fill in your wrinkles) . It reduces dark circles and puffiness, so this is another morning product for me. I've always had dark circles, but, I do feel they are not as dark as they have been by using this product. Believe me when I say ..... I've tried plenty. If you have dark circles, I don't think any product will ever get rid of them completely, but they can certainly improve them.
Thalgo products contain natural algae ingredients from the sea, and helps with your elasticity of the skin and restores the top layer of skin. It sure does rehydrate my skin, and I'll be using this a lot in the summer when the sun attempts to dry my skin out. Thalgo is also great for skin correctness, like aged skin and scars. It also has no parabens so, if you are going through chemotherapy or radiation, this is another cream product that you can use safely and will not harm or irritate your skin. 

Lastly, Soap and Glory products are always brilliant. I use the body moisturisers for all over in the mornings or evenings or both. Most of their products smell like food to me. Especially breakfast foods. I cant explain why. I have used a lot of Soap and Glory products and I've loved all of them. I generally receive a huge bag of products at Christmas, which then lasts me for months. I do love their face cleanser too. If you ever wish to buy gifts, then you will never fail buying a selection of Soap and Glory. Its a fun brand and its British! They can be purchased in Boots.  They also produce make-up too.
I hope I've given you a few new ideas for products to purchase.

If you wish to purchase Germaine De Capuccini or Thalgo Products they are mainly sold in Spas. As they are used for specialised treatments. If you are in London, pop into Chuan Spa of The Langham London, as they have plenty in stock, or will be able to order them in for you.