Renna's Discoveries: Park Resorts UK

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Park Resorts UK

Holidays are expensive and they soon start to add up, so for our last few trips away, we've been staying at Park Resorts which are Holiday Resorts within the UK. They have a choice of accommodation, mainly Caravans and Chalets (either wooden or brick depending on location).
Park Resorts have 49 different parks and are all over the UK by coastal towns.
We've stayed at California Cliffs in Great Yarmouth, Valley Farm in Clacton on Sea, Warden Springs in Isle of Sheppey and Lower Hyde on the Isle of Wight.
The best way to enjoy a trip in the UK is to firstly use Sun Tokens. This is where you collect token numbers from The Sun Newspaper and then you can get your caravan for a huge discount. However, the online prices for Park Resorts are still extremely good value if you are unable to get the tokens. On certain weekends their weekends away start from £64.
I decided to stick with Park Resorts as, they have parks in perfect locations for us. They are all generally within 5-15 minutes to a beach and they are great bases to go touring around the region. I have noticed that a lot of families that stay just stay in the park instead of going out every day. Nearly all of the parks have swimming pools, crazy golf, play areas, amusements, restaurant, takeaway, launderette, a convenience store and a bar along with evening entertainment with Sparky the Rabbit or the Team Star Crew who dance and play games. So there is plenty to do onsite. They have classes throughout the day and different activities for the kids. If you go to a park, like Warden Springs which have Very minimal facilities, you can go to the other Park Resorts in the area for the entertainment and swimming pools. So when you book, it is best to thoroughly research the park and area, as a lot of them are also residential caravan sites. The cheaper the price, the more residents there are, which will obviously mean less facilities or not of the holiday type of facilities that you would expect. 
When we stay in a caravan, we always make up a picnic and then go exploring for the day and then go back for dinner in the caravan before we watch the entertainment. We take our own food and buy from the local supermarkets.
The parks have different standards of caravans : Bronze, Silver and Platinum. This basically means the caravans get slightly larger, you can get more appliances and heating, and an extra bedroom. For
our first two Park Resorts trips we stayed in the standard 10ft wide Bronze Caravan, but for Clacton, as we were there for four nights instead of three, I upgraded us, and I have to say, it was well worth it. We upgraded to the Silver grade which is a 12ft caravan with heating in every room.
When we walked in to our caravan, it felt very luxurious for a caravan. We all loved it, and the extra space really did make a huge different. Have a look at my photos, and you'll see why.
When we were in Warden Springs we had our new puppies with us, so we upgraded again to a Silver Plus, which had three bedrooms and the master bedroom was ensuite. The theory was to put the puppies in the third bedroom....but this plan fell through, as it wasn't suitable. So the puppies stayed in the lounge area in their crate.
This is our Warden Springs Caravan which is a Silver Plus. I wouldn't recommend Warden Springs for a family holiday but if you just need a cheap base, then its fine, but there's not much there. However, I would recommend upgrading to higher standards of caravans.

When park resorts make up the beds for you, its always white and very minimal. So if you prefer big fluffy duvets, you just need to take your own!!
I generally think of staying in a caravan as a warmer version of staying in a tent. Just take everything with you and get the heating on !!

This is our caravan in Clacton-On-Sea. This is a grade Silver upgraded caravan.

I will say, that if you expect five star cleanliness or even a B&B standard, then this isn't for you, but, if you don't mind cleaning the caravan up to your standards when you get there, then this is perfectly fine. It is clean when you arrive, but, it's unlikely to be cleaner than your house. So we like to give it a good going over and clean all the utensils, plates, cutlery etc before we use it. Don't forget to take all your cleaning bits, tea towels, towels, hair dryer and bed linen. You can pay extra for the beds to be made up, but you can take your own. If you book a Silver Plus, the beds being made up is included in the price.

I'm not sure where to book next, but I do love that after living in England forever, it's nice to see it for all its beauty. You don't need to go abroad all the time, you can relax in the UK for great prices and in beautiful surroundings. The kids love it, as we have to drive, so the travelling isn't that long and they get to do something different every day. We like visiting educational places for the kids aswell as just hanging around the beach.

Make sure you collect your discount vouchers for the local activities or start saving up your Tesco Clubcard points and use these for Days Out and for eating.

I would definitely recommend Park Resorts for many reasons. They have everything you need and it is fun for the kids, as that is our main priority. If the Kids are happy then so are we! However, plan ahead and make sure you have activities for each day.