Renna's Discoveries: Adam Handlings Pistachio Cake

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Adam Handlings Pistachio Cake

Being half Greek, I love pistachio nuts. I grew up with them everywhere, every family gathering there were always bowls scattered around and I would quite happily eat bowls of them. I just loved opening them so it made me eat more of them. Plus they are tasty!
I am a huge fan of Masterchef the Professionals, and followed Adams journey to be becoming a finalist of the TV competition. He deserved it from the start, and is incredibly talented. Adam is Head Chef of The Caxton Grill at St Ermin's Hotel in London - see previous blog post here.

Whilst looking through Adam Handlings new recipe book, I noticed how beautiful every dish looked, and I thought I'm going to have to try one of his recipes, so of course, I thought I'd start off with a slightly easy one. A cake!

Adam included his winning pistachio cake that Michel Roux Jnr said was the best he'd ever tasted. So this was my mission.
The first problem with making any recipe is making sure you can get the ingredients easily. This cake has Pistachio Paste included. So this was my first hurdle. I looked in the shops, supermarkets, with no luck. So, I decided to ask for help and was told there are plenty of websites that sell it.
So I turned to Sous Chef online.
I ordered their trio of Nut Paste and one bag of sliced pistachios. (I actually needed two bags for the recipe, but made a mistake and only ordered one).
Adams Pistachio Cake recipe can be found online, so I'm sure he wont mind if I share it with you too. However, if you want his other amazing recipes and story, you'll have to buy the book. Adam writes his recipes in the most simple way. So, they are incredibly easy to understand for any budding chef. I have some recipe books and it can be like reading a story. I like to know what I'm doing in the most straightforward of ways. So Adams book is perfect.


Copied Word for Word from Adams Book:

Pistachio Cake

100g ground almonds
150 skinned pistachio nuts
170g unsalted butter
125g icing sugar
21g pistachio paste
5 large eggs

Grease a baking tray and line with paper
Blend the ground almonds and pistachio nuts together until fine
In the bowl of an electric mixer attach the paddle and combine the butter, icing sugar, ground nuts and pistachio paste
Mix until smooth, adding the eggs one by one
Preheat the oven to 165'C
Pour the batter into lined tray
Place in oven for 17-20 minutes
Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the tray


 Sounds simple right ? Well, it is !!!

Blitz the nuts until fine.

As I only had 80g of pistachios, I had to add the difference in extra almonds

Add all the ingredients together in the mixer, and whizz, adding one egg at a time.

Yes, I bought a brand new baking tray, and this was the perfect size from Tescos. Plus it looks pretty on the outside.
Smooth the mixture into the baking tray and spread evenly.
Just look at that colour, its gorgeous, and the smell ..... was.......nut heaven!
Plus, as its traditional, you always have to taste the fresh mix, and it already tasted really good.
This is where you get excited about the final result and pray it all turns out well.
Here's mine cooling after 20 minutes in the oven.
As the baking tray had a push up base, it was easy to remove the cake and give it an extra icing sugar sprinkle before cutting it up
Adam states it serves 8, however, I managed to get 12 good sized slices. So you can easily make over 20 bite size pieces to offer. (Or eat yourself...whatever you fancy)
The colour is amazing. I have never made a pistachio cake before, but I will certainly be cooking it a lot in the future. It was super easy,
I took some to my Dad, and he said it was really delicious and said that it was very much like a Greek Cake!!
I'll have to experiment and add honey to it.
However, I did serve it with Greek yoghurt and drizzled honey over it ...... Wow......Cake heaven!!

This one is Adams in his book

So, I wasn't far off, just need to make a pistachio crumb for the next attempt, and also use the correct amount of pistachios to get the awesome green colour.

You can buy Adams Book on Amazon HERE
There are amazing recipes and I would definitely say that it is well worth the buy.