Renna's Discoveries: Alice in Wonderland in Waterloo Vaults

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Alice in Wonderland in Waterloo Vaults

In the depths of Waterloo Vaults, by the Southbank in London, Les Enfants Terribles have staged the most awesome Alice in Wonderful interactive adventure.
I am used to be seated whilst watching a theatrical show, apart from one time in the London Dungeons show. This show has got to be the most weirdest, greatest, fun, I've ever had. Well worth the visit.

On entry, we were all stamped with a clock on our wrists, and shown to the bar area. We purchased a drink each and also bought tokens for a drink to have with the mad hatters tea party ???? We had no idea, but we bought them anyway. Five tokens for £20. I thought the tea party drink was included in the price!
I can't tell you much about the show, as I would ruin the surprises. Also, you're not allowed to take ANY photographs of the show of any part of the set.
However, I will tell you, that if you go in a group, it is extremely likely, you will all take a different
path through the journey. There are four suits in a deck of cards, and everyone is given a suit, and then you go off on your own adventure with the rest of your own suit.

You start the journey in a group of roughly 40 people, and we were all ushered into a room. In then first scene, we went into a room full of books, everywhere, as in literally coming out of the walls, all over tables, opened over the floor, just everywhere. We didn't know what was going to happen. Then suddenly you spot a girl in a blue dress running through the glass mirrors. It is very intense, as you really haven't got a clue. She spoke to us, explaining that she didn't know who she was or what she was suppose to be doing.  Then the freakiness just continued throughout. The wall of books suddenly opened and we met the White Rabbit. The costume was amazing, scary for some, especially when he got up close in your face, but, just incredible. He explained what was going to happen and that we had to choose our path through the journey. This is where you separate.
You have to chose to Drink or in Eat Me, Drink Me. Two of us chose Drink, and three of us
chose to Eat. So, we went through different doors into our new part of the journey. In this room, we
met the Toad and he wasn't the happiest of Toads, and again his costume was brilliant. I think at this point, I slightly lost the storyline, as I was so amazed at where we were, what was happening, and the costumes, I couldn't tell you what toadie said. I am glad I only had one drink, as if you've never taken drugs because you worried about them, then go to one of these shows, because I felt like I was on drugs and hallucinating the strangest things. (Typical Alice in Wonderland! He must have been off
his rocker writing the story. )

So, then further on, we were then given our suits (I was a Heart) and then separated again! Myself and Miss E were the only ones who stayed together, whereas the others were off somewhere else doing their own story.
I won't tell you this is something that Needs to be experienced to appreciate it. It was a Maze of intruigment and excitement. The actors was absolutely amazing and the whole set is out of this world .....literally. They describe it as Nonsensical ...... And it was !

When we all met up at the end, we discovered we all saw different things and met different actors,
which meant we all had a different experience.
We all said we want to do it a All over again, but by choosing a different path. It was brilliant, and I can't wait for their next adventure.

These are not my photos, they have been taken from their website. What do you think of the costumes? Amazing right ?

Just want to say, that the Turtle singing was so beautiful. I could have easily sat and listened to him for a longer time.

Hurry up, get your tickets, as it won't be around the long