Renna's Discoveries: Bliss World Products - Lemon and Sage

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bliss World Products - Lemon and Sage

Bliss Spa in New York has proved to be a huge success. It opened in 1996 and now they have 20 Bliss Spas and salons spread across the world including 1 in London UK. They concentrate on making you look and feel beautiful. This includes buffing, waxing, facials and full body massages. The Spa in London has eight treatment room, manicure and pedicure stations, alongside the shop filled with their amazing products. By looking at their websites pictures, it looks amazing and very relaxing. They even have a lounge area where you can relax in your room before and after your treatment. The colour scheme match their products, with a very relaxed earthy feel. These are happy colours, bright blue skies with a few clouds, whilst sitting relaxing in the park.

I won these items in a competition. They included Body Butter, Body Scrub and Soapy Suds. Within this range they also have Shampoo and Conditioner.
The Body Scrub sells for £30 and it feels amazing. You put it on before your shower and rub it all over in circular motions to wake up the underlying skin and to get rid of the top layer. It smells incredible. If I had my eyes closed, it was almost like walking through a sage garden with lemon trees all around. Its a smell that takes you away from reality. It is quite potent, so make sure you like the scents before buying their products. This was a perfect combination for me, as I love food, and I love the smells, so this was a herb garden for me, and I came out all refreshed and feeling beautiful.
The Body Scrub almost had the consistency of Butter Icing with sugar crystals in it. It feels really smooth and silky with then the harshness of the grains. I used it all over, and it spreads really well, so, its good value for money. Once I washed it all off, I have to say, that I felt completely refreshed. Hello new skin, goodbye old skin.
Whilst in the shower, I used the Soapy Suds as this doubles up as bubble bath and shower wash. Again, the smell is just beautiful. Great bubbles and I felt even cleaner than before.
Finished off with the Body Butter. This cream is very silky, it just glides on effortlessly, and my skin, over a day later still feels wonderful.
The Soapy Suds is £16.50 and the Body Butter is £22.

I used the Soapy Suds for a bath as well, and it sure does create a great mass of bubbles, to lie back and dream in.

Thank you Bliss for sending me these items, they are truly wonderful and I would recommend them highly.

Have a look at their website for their Spa Locations and Products. Get yourself booked in, and have a Blissful day.

*I won this product through a competition