Renna's Discoveries: July 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oloves Olives

Oloves Olives are a super healthy snack and they taste delicious.
Being half Greek, Olives seem to be everywhere. Where-ever I go, there are bowls of olives, green ones, black ones, pitted ones, none pitted ones, ones with a whole garlic clove pushed into the centre (who on earth sits there all day doing this??) Olives with peppers pushed through, Olives with all kinds of different dressing....basil, garlic, name it, an Olive has probably been covered in it, Olives can be found in your cocktail and crushed up put onto bread.
Olives can be used everywhere in everything and on everything, like pastas dishes, in bread, in salads, as a crust on meat.....oh the list is literally endless.
Oloves come in perfectly sized pouches. These are a great snack to take out with you for your lunch or just as a snack for the kids.  These small pouches are 30g each.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Inside The Berkeley Hotel Spa - The Bamford Haybarn

My birthday treat this year was a voucher to experience The Berkeley Spa, The Bamford Haybarn from Miss E. Miss M also joined us, as we all have birthdays close to each other. So we finally agreed a date that we were all free in July. Its always nice to have something to look forward to, and have a great girlie day out to catch up. We were all very excited, as we've all wanted to go to The Berkeley for a really long time.
I only ever have one issue when visiting a gorgeous hotel when you are visiting the spa ...... the way you're dressed !!! as you just don't need to dress up and look your best, I always feel like a tramp walking into such a grand hotel.
So we turned up with our jeans and flats, hair scrapped back and no make-up. We asked the smartly dressed Doorman if the spa had a separate entrance, which it doesn't, he explained where to go. So we entered the amazing hotel and made our own way to the Spa. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Amici's Cafe in Croxley Green

My friend, Miss E invited me and my little man for lunch, as she had the day off work, and it was a thank you for looking after her cat whilst she was away. We decided to go to Amici's in Croxley Green, as its one of our favourite local restaurants. It is located at the bottom of Baldwins Lane, in the small shopping parade. Which makes it fairly easy to park outside, or at least within a minutes walk.
You have to get there with time to spare, as most lunch times, it is full. So best to have a late lunch to avoid waiting for too long. It is a very popular café, for many different reasons. However, I'd say, apart from the food being great value and very tasty, the owner, is incredibly friendly, and really gets to know his customers. Amici's is a family run café with all the little tastes from Italy. You can see by the menu, that he pretty much covers everything a café should have and more !! Its mouth-watering just reading it.....what do you have ?? Breakfast ? A small snack? Omelettes? Burgers? Salads? Panini's? or a good ole pasta dish? I have had pasta on quite a few occasions in the past, and I've always had a great meal. So much so, that I am gutted he is only open in the day time. I would love him to open just a couple of nights a week for dinner and just serve pasta and burgers. He always has a great Italian special on too.   

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - July - Oils and Serums

I've been trying to be more consistent with my beauty products this year, as without continuous use, its difficult to see if a product actually works.
So once my previous products had run out, I started on my new beauty discoveries, that I have been sent to review. So for the last two weeks, every morning and every night I have been using a combination of the following:

Organic Anti-Blemish Facial Oil by Peau Naturelle

Monday, July 13, 2015

Love Chin Chin - All The Flavours Test

Following my previous Blog post about Love Chin Chin snacks. I was contacted by Love Chin Chin and asked if I would like to taste all their flavours and actually let the kids try them this time. I did feel incredibly guilty for demolishing the whole pack of Vanilla to myself, so I agreed. However, the kids were going to get first tastes. We regularly do "The Taste Test" at home. This encourages the kids to try and experiment with different flavours and different foods. So they were very excited when a box arrived with their names on.
I took the box of goodies to my parents so, we had a variety of opinions, as my parents always have guests around.
So, Love Chin Chin produce a biscuit snack that tastes like a crunchy cake. Its from West Africa and Mama Chin Chin's children loved her snacks so much, that they persuaded her to allow them to produce them for us to taste and fall in love with too. Mama Chins original flavour is the Vanilla, but her children wanted to add Chilli, Cinnamon and Lemon to the mix.  

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Love Chin Chin - "Join The Chin Chin Revolutuion"

At the Christmas Foodie Festival, we came across Love Chin Chin. We tasted them, and just thought .....oh wow, they won't last long in our house ! They were really scrummy. A West African sweet treat. I had never heard of a crunchy biscuit that taste like cake .... Never even really thought it. However ..... It works! We told the ladies, that we'd go back to get a few bags, but, then ran out of time, and didn't manage to purchase any in the end.
They were something I kept thinking about and then I saw a fellow blogger had written about them, and made me want them all over again ..... Well as I can be quite lucky sometimes, a Love Chin Chin bag turned up in my monthly Degustabox delivery. Bonus !!!
Well, last night I decided I fancied a small snack, so I thought I'd have A biscuit (yea right....just the one!!) and I found them in my biscuit box. So, I thought, oh yea, I'll have a few of those ...yummy.

I had one, then I had another, and then I had a handful, and then ...... this is what I left !!!
These WERE the Vanilla flavour ones, and they were too delicious and way to moreish. When I see them again in the shops, I'll be buying a lot more packets (as my kids didn't even get a look in, and I like them to try everything...whoops!!) These would be great for just an snack during the day, and also for sharing at a party or just with friends ..but make sure you get loads of packs!!!
They have several flavours, so there is something for everyone: Vanilla (Which is Love Chin Chins Mama's original flavour), Lemon, Chilli and Cinnamon.

They sell them online in packs of 24 bags for £17.99 inc. delivery. They even produce a mixed Hamper for the same price. So, as a gift these are great, and it will never be a wasted gift. Plus the packets are super cute and I love the traditional image they have used. Different colours, for different flavours.
So, if you do see them in a shop or a foodie festival....BUY THEM, as when everyone else finds out they'll be flying off the shelves.

Have a look at their website for more details