Renna's Discoveries: Inside The Berkeley Hotel Spa - The Bamford Haybarn

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Inside The Berkeley Hotel Spa - The Bamford Haybarn

My birthday treat this year was a voucher to experience The Berkeley Spa, The Bamford Haybarn from Miss E. Miss M also joined us, as we all have birthdays close to each other. So we finally agreed a date that we were all free in July. Its always nice to have something to look forward to, and have a great girlie day out to catch up. We were all very excited, as we've all wanted to go to The Berkeley for a really long time.
I only ever have one issue when visiting a gorgeous hotel when you are visiting the spa ...... the way you're dressed !!! as you just don't need to dress up and look your best, I always feel like a tramp walking into such a grand hotel.
So we turned up with our jeans and flats, hair scrapped back and no make-up. We asked the smartly dressed Doorman if the spa had a separate entrance, which it doesn't, he explained where to go. So we entered the amazing hotel and made our own way to the Spa. 

On arriving, I realised that the Spa was absolutely nothing like the Hotel. It was very bright, and mainly white with a posh beach hut feel about it. I thought it was lovely, and had an instance Calming feeling about it. I wouldn't have expected it in a Hotel of such grandeur.  

This is the entrance from the Hotel.
The receptionist was really friendly. She asked our names and explained the process of going to the changing rooms and experiencing the facilities (a steam room and sauna) before our treatments.
As we had never been there before, she showed us into the changing areas to show us how to use their lockers.

This is part of the reception product area where they sell incredibly expensive Cashmere products.
This is the Only mirrored area in the changing room, so its clearly for just a few people at a time, as it would be impossible with 10 women all trying to use this area at the same time. Although there were loads of lockers, and I mean......loads !!
These were the products that they included in the changing area. Well, accessories really. Shower caps, cotton wool and ear buds with anti-perspirant and hair spray.
The showers were really nice. A great size with the option of a rain shower or a normal shower. Each shower had Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner in all Bamfords own products.
There were plenty of towels and bathrobes available. Obviously, I was swamped by the bathrobes, which I always seem to find amusing. Do Spas think that really short women don't go into their Spas??? They are all the same. I loved the wooden hooks, to continue with the natural element of the Spa.

After we had a good nosy around the pool area - which I have to say is amazing, and it would have been a dream if the sun was out so we could have actually lounged on the outside loungers. However, as it was not such a nice day the roof was pretty much closed and there was no-way we were going outside wearing very little. They had cucumber water available for us to help ourselves and water bottles in the mini fridge. We found some fresh fruit in a bowl near their office area whilst being nosy, and as we were missing lunch, we helped ourselves.
We then went back to the changing room to use the Sauna and Steam room before getting ready to be taken to our treatments. They were both a good size especially for the three of us in there.

I had the Rejuvenating Facial by OSKIA
I chose Oskia, as I have had many of their products and I love them. It really agrees with my skin and I love the feel of the different creams and masks.
Oskia is a British Brand, founded in 2009, and it has literally exploded into many of the top Spas. It has gained 22 awards in just these few years for its amazing skincare.
The facial is 55 minutes long and is an age-defying facial, which plumps up your skin and makes you look youthful again by stimulating your natural collagen and boosting the elasticity in your skin.

I loved it !! My therapist Jorgia was really friendly, and I instantly felt at ease in her presence.
Being a mother, and being asked to lie down on a comfortable bed with the lights down, I always feel that it wont take me long to fall asleep. I try really hard to stay awake so I can enjoy the facial....but I know I fell asleep twice. Blast !!! But, it also proves how relaxed I was.
My skin looked amazing afterwards.  I was literally glowing.
Jorgia offered me a Ginger Tea and nuts for afterwards, so I agreed to have it in the changing room instead of the pool area, as myself and my friends were meeting back there.

These are my friends Mint teas which Jorgia offered them when they arrived back.
We all had a different experience, however, I was happy with mine.
I would definitely recommend going to the spa for a treatment and to relax. However, the prices are very high for what you get, and what they charge just to use the facilities is ..... ludicrous. All facility use should be included in every treatment cost, not extra. The swimming pool, however lovely it is, does not warrant having to pay such a high price to use.

Have a look at their website HERE

Whilst walking back through the hotel, we spotted some amazing Tennis tributes within the flower displays.

I would love to go back to The Berkeley purely to try their afternoon tea. It looks amazing through the windows. I was very jealous, so we'll have to wait until we are all free again.
Love Girlie days Out !!

Where would you like to go to be pampered and have an afternoon tea ?