Renna's Discoveries: Love Chin Chin - All The Flavours Test

Monday, July 13, 2015

Love Chin Chin - All The Flavours Test

Following my previous Blog post about Love Chin Chin snacks. I was contacted by Love Chin Chin and asked if I would like to taste all their flavours and actually let the kids try them this time. I did feel incredibly guilty for demolishing the whole pack of Vanilla to myself, so I agreed. However, the kids were going to get first tastes. We regularly do "The Taste Test" at home. This encourages the kids to try and experiment with different flavours and different foods. So they were very excited when a box arrived with their names on.
I took the box of goodies to my parents so, we had a variety of opinions, as my parents always have guests around.
So, Love Chin Chin produce a biscuit snack that tastes like a crunchy cake. Its from West Africa and Mama Chin Chin's children loved her snacks so much, that they persuaded her to allow them to produce them for us to taste and fall in love with too. Mama Chins original flavour is the Vanilla, but her children wanted to add Chilli, Cinnamon and Lemon to the mix.  

Each flavour has its own colour packaging, so, its easy to tell which ones what flavour. I do love the packaging. The picture is just so beautiful.
When I do the taste test at home, the kids get a small bit of everything so they try it all, and then they can eat what they love afterwards.
The snacks are perfect size for sharing, and for also filling up your hand !!!
Everyone really liked the original vanilla flavour. It had just the right amount of sweetness to them. The kids really enjoyed these.
They also have Lemon, which went down really well. Some of them had a really strong lemon taste and others in the pack were not so strong, so, it was a good balance. If we had icing, I probably would have started to dip them, just like a lemon drizzle cake ....yummy!!

The Cinnamon flavour was the favourite of the Adults. They had a great flavour, not too strong and certainly not too weak....they were just right!! these didn't last long with the adults about. They had a really nice after taste of cinnamon, perfect to munch on with a cup of tea.

Here come the bad boy Chilli flavour ones !! We were blown away with the Chilli.....literally. This is a taste that stuck with you, so I decided to close the packet and give it to the Husband later.
He loves his chilli and he literally scoffed the packet in one later that evening. He said they were delicious. So, if you love your chilli, these are definitely for you.

So, on the whole a very successful tasting experience with the kids, and the Vanilla & Lemon got mixed up into one bowl for the kids, the adults finished off the Cinnamon, and the Hubs loved his Chilli flavour.

Thank you Love Chin Chin for letting us taste all your goodies. I think they are amazing, and a great snack or sharing treats for friends and family.

Check out their website for further details and to put your orders in :

*I was sent these items as gift