Renna's Discoveries: My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - July - Oils and Serums

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products At The Moment - July - Oils and Serums

I've been trying to be more consistent with my beauty products this year, as without continuous use, its difficult to see if a product actually works.
So once my previous products had run out, I started on my new beauty discoveries, that I have been sent to review. So for the last two weeks, every morning and every night I have been using a combination of the following:

Organic Anti-Blemish Facial Oil by Peau Naturelle
This is an 100% organic acne treatment which moisturisers as well as protects and repairs the skin. It prevents spots and acne by reducing excess sebum which is what gives you the spots. The oil contains tea tree oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and lemon oil. All of which have been well researched and carefully selected from around the world, Egypt, Australia, Italy, and France. The oils used not only protect your skin, but also helps your insides by scent alone. The lemon oil helps break down fat within the body and keeps your brain active, and the lavender oil keeps you calm.
This is a small bottle that can easily be taken anywhere. The cost is at £9.99 and you can buy it from their website. I think this is brilliant value considering the ingredients that it contains. You literally need just two to three drops to cover your whole face and beyond. I personally do not suffer from acne, but I do get the odd breakout. This oil has certainly reduced any breakout and it feels lovely on the skin. You can use it as a night serum, or as a daily moisturiser, its up to you. At night time, when you're lying in the bed, the scent is very calming, and has really helped me sleep too......who knew!!!
I would definitely recommend this product.

Insta Natural Premium Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel.
These products have truly been wonderful. My skin has shown definite improvement, and the eye gel has reduced my dark circles under the eyes. This is the greatest part, as I've always had dark circles, and I have to say that I have left the house with none or minimal concealer under the eyes because of this. I think the title of the serum sound a bit scary but these are products that professionals use, and now we can use them too. The serum has certainly plumped up my skin. Its so easy to use, it literally just glides on. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum keeps your skin moisturised and strengthens the skin to make it firmer. They don't really have any pretty smell, apart from the tea tree oil. However, you do need to use these products every day to get great results. The other important matter about the eye gel, is that you can actually use it all over the face. It does feel quite tight, but once you've put you're normal moisturiser over the top the tightness disappears. I do believe the lines around my eyes have slightly faded, and my skin does look lovely and bright.

I really hated having dull skin and unfortunately some products just make you look tired all the time.
Its great to not have to wear make-up every day, and although its the summer, I have definitely reduced my make-up wearing, as I don't feel the need to hide my skin.             
Inst Natural have a wide product range, and I'd love to try all of them, especially their Skin Brightening serum, as by using these products, I'm not sure, I could get my skin any brighter than it is, so I would love to find out.
As this is an American based brand, these items can be been purchased from Amazon. I would definitely recommend trying this.
This price is hugely reduced on Amazon, so get in there quickly.

Does anyone have any favourite products this month, please do let me know.

*I was sent all of these products to review