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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nutrifiz Wheatgrass Vitamin & Mineral Drink

Nutrifiz is Vitamin & Mineral Drink with the added Greatness of Wheatgrass.

Benefits of Wheatgrass:
There is a lot of talk about Wheatgrass and has been since the 1930's believe it or not, as this is when tests began. Some people state its a super food and others say its just as good as other vegetables such as spinach. However, either way, its Good For You!!

Pure wheatgrass in a liquid form is super healthy for you as it contains more vitamin A and vitamin C as many other fruit and vegetables. It also has all the vitamin B's, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and all of the essential amino acids. Which in-turn gives you an improved immune system due to all the antioxidants. All the essentials also helps you with tiredness and fatigue, as it keeps your body going. (Although I must point out that sleep is incredibly important and is more super for you than any food - so don't use supplements instead of actually sleeping).

Now if you're like me and not a scientist or a nutritionist and you just go by: if its healthy, its good for you, then you'll eat it or drink it, you must try wheatgrass.
Many people believe that drinking a small amount of pure fresh wheatgrass every morning is the way to a long and healthy life. This is fine - their choice - but if you've ever tasted it - it shows proper commitment, because its disgusting !! I thought it was like drinking a grass and soil smoothie, and the taste made me feel a little ill. So, good on them if they can handle that every day.
However, many people like me like to choose the alternative versions.
This is where Nutrifiz comes in. It's a tablet full of all the goodness of wheatgrass along with all of these vitamins :
Its really simple to use. Take a tablet and drop it into 200ml of water.

It then fizzes up, turns green, and tastes of lemons. Perfect flavour for a morning drink.
It actually tastes very pleasant. Myself and the Hubs really like it.
I have found that it really helps me out in the mornings when I've had a late night, or interrupted sleep. It gives me a buzz to keep going. So, for that reason alone, I love it !!

I'll soon be tasting the Kids version which is an Orange Flavour one.
Prices are: £6.50 per tube of 10 tablets, and £12.95 for a tube of 20 tablets.
You can buy them direct - see the code above for 25% off your first order, or through Amazon.

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