Renna's Discoveries: Oloves Olives

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oloves Olives

Oloves Olives are a super healthy snack and they taste delicious.
Being half Greek, Olives seem to be everywhere. Where-ever I go, there are bowls of olives, green ones, black ones, pitted ones, none pitted ones, ones with a whole garlic clove pushed into the centre (who on earth sits there all day doing this??) Olives with peppers pushed through, Olives with all kinds of different dressing....basil, garlic, name it, an Olive has probably been covered in it, Olives can be found in your cocktail and crushed up put onto bread.
Olives can be used everywhere in everything and on everything, like pastas dishes, in bread, in salads, as a crust on meat.....oh the list is literally endless.
Oloves come in perfectly sized pouches. These are a great snack to take out with you for your lunch or just as a snack for the kids.  These small pouches are 30g each.

Oloves come in a variety of flavours (like most olives) and they are :
Basil & Garlic
Chilli & Oregano
Lemon & Rosemary
Chilli & Garlic - Black Olives

They are all freshly packed, contain absolutely No gluten, no stones and only 50 calories to the pack. Added bonus is that there is no messy juice in the pouches, just delicious olives.

Oloves are available worldwide in 14 different countries and are also available to eat on the plane. The company is run by a fun-loving young group who are obviously working very hard to get their Oloves to every country and every state. I don't think they need to try too hard, as the product is perfect.
I'm loving their website, it really shows how much fun they are.
Have a look HERE

The pack prices ranges from 80p - 95p for a pouch depending on where you bought them - although Ocado is the cheapest. Alternatively, you can buy in bulk from different super-foods websites.

Its the summer holidays, its picnic time, so remember to buy some Oloves to make your life easier and healthier.  Also, these are perfect to take to work and leave in a draw somewhere, as they don't need refrigeration (unless you are unable to finish the pack!!!!) and are a snack on the go or in the office.

Highly recommended !!

Enjoy Oloves.

*I won this item through a competition