Renna's Discoveries: Cassiobury Farm & Fishery - Watford

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cassiobury Farm & Fishery - Watford

In a town called Watford, there is a large park called Cassiobury Park. This is somewhere where everyone can go and enjoy the woods, as well as the open spaced areas which include a children's recreational area and a mini train through the woods. There is plenty of space for everyone and is a great place to walk the dogs too. Plenty of people have picnics in the nice weather and just stay and relax all day.
Cassiobury Park is next to the old Watercress Farm in which is part of Croxley Hall Farm. The Sansom family had been cultivating watercress for five generations in England, and one of the Sansom's opened his farm in Croxley Green on the River Gade - right on the border of Watford in early 1820's. The farm continued to grow Watercress until the 1980's where it was eventually closed. The farm has just sat there for years, and finally someone bought it. We, the public wondered who it was, and what they were going to do to the farm. People said he was going to start the watercress farming again, and we saw signs of a mass refurbishment of the whole area (as you can walk past the farm, but there was no-way in, as it is private property) Every time we walked past something was being built or land was being moved. It was a huge mystery.

I then stopped walking into Cassiobury park through Croxley Green, so I didn't walk past it in a couple of years. Now, five years later after the property was bought, we find out that actually, the gentleman who bought it wanted to have his own farm.  We heard rumours of Monkeys ..... but that didn't make sense to me - it being a farm and all, so I dismissed the rumours.
Finally, I saw a poster on Facebook saying that the farm was being opened to the public, for just three dates in August. 1st, 15th and 31st.
Brilliant, super excited - so I made sure my family were free to go.
Well, I have to say, I was incredibly surprised. It was wonderful to be able to walk through the gates that had been shut for such a long time, and finally have a good nosy around to see what has been happening. It is amazing !!! The Gentleman, didn't need to let the public in, as its somewhere where he can enjoy his animals and the farm, but he finally gave in, and the team that works there, worked extra hard to get the farm into an area that is safe for the public and get some last minute stuff completed.
Have a look through my pictures, and if you are in the area, please do have a look around on the 15th or 31st August. If all goes well, the farm will be opened to the public on a more permanent basis.
I'm not going to tell you what all of the animals are, as I want you to come and see for yourself.

When looking through these pictures, just remember this was the very first time, that the public had been invited in, so its not entirely ready, but, it was great for us, and obviously is always wonderful to see something for the first time.
We had to leave after a couple of hours to get home, but there is so much more that we need to see so, we'll be back on the 15th. There is so much to tell you and show you, but, I have to keep a few surprises for you!!

Hope to see you there.

£5 per person over the age of Five.

Cassiobury Farm & Fishery
Rousebarn Lane,
Croxley Green,