Renna's Discoveries: Derma Babies in London Products

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Derma Babies in London Products

When you are looking a perfect gift for a Baby, it's really hard. What exactly do babies need ? Apart from the usual clothing and things they can stare at, it's nice to give a gift that will benefit them in some way, and also looks good for Mum.
Well Derma Babies who are based in London have the most gorgeous gift set, which includes their Heavenly Baby Wash, Heavenly Baby Moisturiser and Heavenly Nappy Cream all packaged into a lovely bag.
They would also, post the gift direct to Mummy & Baby, as the way they wrap it up is amazing. Nothing like what you would expect.

It's delivered in a brown envelope, and there is a square parcel wrapped in lovely purple paper. Once opened, you then have their own branded bag, with another parcel inside wrapped in butterfly paper. 
It really was a joy to open. 
This gift sells at £34.00 online on their website or you can buy the products individually or as a smaller gift set. Prices range from £8.50. 

The product themselves are very good for sensitive baby skin and they smell very calming. When I read the ingredients, one smell that is very noticeable is the oatmeal. It's almost a porridgey like smell mixed with flowers. Now....if you have ever suffered from eczema, you will know that oatmeal is probably one of the best treatments. Therefore perfect for any problem skin conditions. My daughter has been using the moisturiser as she has a little flare up of eczema every now and then, and she hasn't had any whilst using this product. It has a pump action, so it tells you how much you need, and it really does go far, therefore being great value for money, as well as a great product.

I would definately recommend this brand, they are well worth looking into.

*I won this item in a competition