Renna's Discoveries: Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink

Everyone gets a little tired spell at some point throughout the day, and we all need little pick me ups to keep us going. I like to try all kinds of interesting ways to keep me feeling perky as I do suffer from that lagging feeling about 11ish or 3ish depending on how early I have been awake for and how much I've done during the day. The 3.00pm lag is dangerous as its school pick up time then. I always seem to be tired at the wrong time of the day.....
So, with eating healthily and adding supplements, I can keep going.
I originally came across Scheckter's Organic Energy drink in a Degustabox Delivery and really enjoyed it. I was asked if I would like to taste the difference between their Original and their Lite version.
Scheckter's is as natural as an energy drink can be. The brand is now five years old, and a former Formula 1 racing driver created it - Jody Scheckter. Which.....I'd say is a great sign that this is a great product. The brand has done so well, that is now available worldwide. Plus it includes ingredients from all over the world....the very best they could find.
The difference between the Original and the Lite is that the Lite uses Agave Nectar instead of Cane Sugar. This also means it has 30% less calories. So, for all the Sugar Free people out there, this is perfect for you.
The complete ingredients list is :
Sparkling filtered water
Organic raw cane sugar - fairtrade (or agave nectar in the Lite)
Organic lemon juice - from concentrate
Organic pomegranate juice - from concentrate
Organic elderberry juice - from concentrate
Organic Asian panax ginseng
Scheckter's own Caffeine Blend of guarana, green tea and green coffee extract
Pomegranate Flavouring

Benfits include :
No toxic chemicals, no synthetic caffeine, no artificial sweetener, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, NO TAURINE, and no GMO's. BONUS!!!!!

When tasting them, it certainly has a strong Pomegranate flavour - which I personally love. This is a very enjoyable drink. Cant really fault it, but you must love pomegranate !! works!!! I know I definitely felt a lot more alert and happier ( as I wasn't tired!!). I wasn't buzzing dangerously, but, I felt a lot more with it. My eyes didn't get that feel that if you shut them...even for a minute.....sleep would happen. That feeling was gone. Thank goodness.
The colour of the drink is gorgeous, so if you wish to use it as an organic mixer for an alcoholic drink, it would be perfect.
Scheckter's is available to buy in : Waitrose, Tesco's, Asda, Sainsbury's, Ocado, some Spar's and other Healthy Online Shops in England.
Giant, Shaw's, Hannaford as well as Healthy Online Shops in the USA.
Plus you can buy from Amazon.
So stock up, as this is proving to be Very popular.

My preference was the Lite flavour, as it is healthier and still has all the benefits of the Original.
They has recently brought out two new flavours which I'd love to try : Mint Green Tea & Ginger Green Tea.  Sound delicious don't they?
So people.....No more disgusting energy drinks that mess with your insides, no more pitchers of fake energy drinks with vodka that keep you awake all night with the jitters - drink Scheckter's instead !!