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Monday, September 28, 2015

Find 4 You Accessories Perfect Christmas Gifts - BAGS!!

I love Twitter, as you get to see so many wonderful items in online shops. I decided this year, that, I would buy as many Christmas gifts as possible through Twitter. My first company is Find 4 You Accessories. Everything they posted on Twitter I instantly fell in love with. All their products have a quirky edge to them, and they are not items that I would look for in a shop. I would search for them in a crafts market or similar though, as I always like to get gifts that you can't find easily. We all like to be unique, and items that you are wearing can start a great conversation.
So, I went through everything they had in their online shop, and I mean everything..... They sell, bags, scarves, purses, watches, bracelets, cushion covers and other similar items.
I'm going to first show you about the bags that I chose for my family members.

This is the White Leather Clutch Bag £17.00 Size: 22.5cm x 13cm
Its so cute and the reason I went for white instead the other colours of pink or blue is because, sometimes, just sometimes, you need a white bag to go with an outfit, and white isn't a colour that many women have. This also has a hint of girlie pink within the wavy design, which is fine, but its not overpowering. I bought this for a cousin of mine as she loves to party, and the wristlet will be perfect for dancing with as well. It does come with a shoulder strap too. The other reason was because of the inside. You don't need to take a purse as well, as it has all the compartments you need for a night out. This will easily fit your mobile phone, money and small amount of make-up.

This is the Turquoise Leather Patchwork Bag. £45.00 Size 45cm x 35cm.
I absolutely adore this bag. This is quirky all over. From the wonky top to its patchwork of leather and canvas. The colours of the fabric are so vibrant, and I love the top of the bag. This would sure brighten up any outfit. The over the shoulder handle is also great, and the will last a lifetime. As I stated before, its so much nicer having something that is different. I'm pretty sure, you wont find loads of bags that look like this one. On the bonus really is big. It will fit a laptop in, and or shopping. This I have bought for my cousin who is a tattooist, as it will be able to carry her portfolio as well as lunch and all her make-up!!

This is the Multicoloured Stripy Canvas Bag. £35.00. Size: 40cm x 35cm.
This is a canvas bag, that is perfect for adding a bit of Autumn Love to any outfit. Its a great size, and would be able to carry a lot. It could be used as an overnight bag (with limited items) or as a shopping bag, where you hate carrying loads of bags, as you could just put it all in here instead.
Its a casual bag which is also really good quality. If this was used every day, it would still last. Great for students too, as you could fit a few books in here alongside a notebook.

These are Tote Bags £10 each. Size 27cm x 17cm
Dog Icon Tote Bag & Retro Flower Print Tote Bag.
These are super cute, as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to get them. These are small bags, not overnight bags. They could be used as wash bags or funky handbags. They are polyester, so they are easily wiped clean. So, perfect if you sometimes get into dirty situations. I thought of these as small mummy bags too as they will fit a few nappies and a pack of wipes, alongside a bottle or food. Mummy bags don't always need to be huge.

*UPDATE - Find 4 You Accessories HAS CEASED TRADING

What are you thoughts of buying a bulk amount from one website?

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