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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Find 4 You Accessories Perfect Christmas Gifts - Scarves!!

To continue with my fabulous finds from Find 4 You Accessories blog post yesterday HERE, I am going to show you the fabulous Scarves I bought for my family for Christmas gifts.
In case you are wondering, I am being sensible this year, and actually trying to get prepared so we are not completely skint in December. Therefore I am spreading the costs.
Find 4 You Accessories have a wide selection of scarves, and every time I look, I see another one that I like. The prices range from £8-£11 full price. All the ones I chose are really good quality and all beautiful designs. I personally love scarves, as they just finish off an outfit. You could easily be stuck in your ways and always wear jeans and a top, but put a gorgeous scarf to the mix, and tadah.....a gorgeous unique outfit.

Scarves are for all year round. They look wonderful with most outfits and can be neck warmers, shoulder warmers, sarongs, beach wraps....all sorts. They are incredibly versatile, that's why you can never have enough scarves.
Here are the ones I have chosen for now.
Royal Blue Red Poppy Print Scarf £11.00 Size 110cm x 180cm
This is a really gorgeous bright navy colour that would brighten up any outfit. I love poppies, and they shout Great Britain to me. My Sister-In-Law is married to a Army Veteran, and it is still very much part of his life. So, I liked that this scarf represents so many brave and wonderful people.
They also a white version with the red poppies which is incredibly tempting to buy too.  
Vintage Pink Butterfly Scarf £10.00 Size 110cm x 180cm
I absolutely fell in love with this design, there are many versions of this scarf in different colours. You could easily buy the whole collection. This is a soft viscose material, with the most gorgeous butterflies. I love the fact that it's a busy scarf, its not just the odd butterfly here and there....there are loads.  This is definitely a scarf to be noticed in. Its stunning.
Vintage Grey Butterfly Scarf £10.00 Size 110cm x 180cm
This is exactly the same as above, just in grey. This I bought for my friend, as she's not a lover of bright colours, but loves fashion. I pictured here wearing this with one of her leather jackets and jeans and boots, the perfect Autumn outfit.

These next two scarves surprised me with the motives on the back. I never realised this from the website, but I have to say I wish I did, as I love it. Its almost like a secret message to yourself.
Take a look !!

Turquoise Green Bird Tassel Scarf £9.00 Size 50cm x 180cm
I thought this was extremely girlie, and I love it. I love the birds and the flowers, and the colour is super feminine. This is possibly a favourite of mine, and Miss E who was modelling for me, said she really liked this scarf. Just everything about it. Even if you're not really a tassel person, this scarf is just gorgeous.
'Believe in Yourself'
Now this was a surprise. You can kind of see it on their website, but not to a point where you actually take note. I like this, as its like wrapping yourself in your secret message.

Black Candy Skull Tassel Scarf £9.00 Size 50cm x 180cm
Skulls are everywhere at the moment, they are super fashionable. These are similar to what my cousin would tattoo. Very girlie designs and very bright. These skulls really stand out, and would look fab with most casual outfits.
'Follow your Heart'
Again, it is not stated on the website that this little secret message was on the back. I'm now wondering what other scarves have these little secret messages.

All modelled by Miss E.

How do you wear your scarves?
*update - Find 4 You Accessories has ceased trading

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