Renna's Discoveries: Joe & Johns #PocketBags - Fashion meets Charity

Friday, September 11, 2015

Joe & Johns #PocketBags - Fashion meets Charity

A new clothing company called Joe & Johns is going from strength to strength. However, its not just a company, its also a charity which started in November 2014.
Joe & John, who have known each other for most of their lives decided to sell up and go travelling together. Their first stop was India. They were excited about taking in the culture and exploring the country. Whilst they were there, they also met a lot of homeless and very poor children. Which of course is heart breaking. Children should be safe in a home away from the dangers of the streets, and in school, so they can be educated to be able to work and make a better life for themselves. Joe and John wanted to help, so they volunteered within a charity whilst moving around India. Whilst on this journey, Joe remembered an idea he had designed a few years ago and was going to use it to raise money to help the children.
Joe had designed a detachable pocket, that could be placed onto any garment with the right attachments. Joe thought that "if for every pocket I sold I could help a child into education, that would be a start". So Joe & Johns and #Pocketbags was born and more designs starting flooding in.
Joe & John want every child to be able to have an education, and so do I, which is why I have agreed to share the love with you all.
For each Pocketbag that is sold , Joe & John will provide a School Bag filled with the essentials that every child requires for school.
There are two catergories : The Turquoise tabbed Pocketbags and The Orange tabbed Pocketbags.
The Turquoise will provide a bag for a child with a story, and the Orange will provide a bag , a story and the essentials along with a tennis ball for fun.
The essentials are : 3 pencils, 3 pens, pencil sharpener, ruler, notepad, eraser, pencil and colouring crayons.
Joe & John are being sensible about this so each town is given a chance. They will do town by town in India and each town will have set goals. Their first goal is GOA, and they want to provide 300 bags. This is of course already started, but they need more.
So, please do buy a T-shirt and a couple of Pocketbags to make you look unique and funky as well as helping out a child who is in desperate need of education.
They are fabulous quality and the designs are beautiful. You will have to look at the website to see the beautiful choices. They all have press studs so they are easy to attach to the special garments also sold by Joe & John. They are a great price considering each pocketbag is hand made and only a limited number of each design are made, making each design a limited edition.  
The pocket bag is delivered in a funky brown envelope with all their social media links on.
This is my friend Miss M modelling the T-Shirt for you. She wears a size Small which is an 8-10, and fits her perfectly. You can see by the design that is absolutely beautiful, and the pocketbag really stands out. Another interesting thing I must tell you is ....

The T-shirt material is 100% Recycled. How wonderful is that ? I think its amazing. Not only are Joe & John helping children with their futures, they are also helping the environment to further help the children. The material is soft and very comfortable to wear. 

There are so many ways you can customise your pocketbags too. If you want it permanently on an item, like a denim jacket, you can just sew it onto the back or apply your own studs and buy as many pocketbags as you like. These are great on bags, jackets, backs of trousers. You can literally use them anywhere, so get some studs or getting your sewing needle ready.