Renna's Discoveries: My Favourite Beauty Products at the Moment - September - Argan Oil

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Favourite Beauty Products at the Moment - September - Argan Oil

I'm trying out a lot of Argan Oil at the moment as it's been recommended by so many people. Argan Oil comes from the tree kernels of the Argan Tree in Morocco. It has plenty of nutrients in it which are perfect for your hair as well as your skin. My hair was starting to feel really dry lately, because I dye my hair with home sets, which I don't think has done my hair any favours. So I bought some Tresemme Liquid Gold from Asda. It can go on after washing your hair, so it get soaked into the hair. After towel drying you add a pump or two to your hands and comb it through before drying or styling. It's easy to use and actually its quite effective. My hair is shinier and softer than before and plus it smells nice and doesn't make it look greasy in the slightest. Bonus!
As Argan Oil contains a lot of Vitamin E, it is fantastic for your skin. It helps with anti-ageing, as well as scaring - ie burns , and preventative scaring - ie future stretch marks. It also helps out with eczema and other dry skin conditions.
I have a new InstaNatural product. 100% Pure certified Organic Argan Oil.
I'm absolutely loving this product. This one can be used it all over your body, from your head all the way down to your toes. When it arrives brand new, it comes with a screw lid, and it also gives you the option of a pump dispenser that you can screw on instead. I opted for the pump as its easier to only use a small amount. You could probably cover your whole body with about 15 pumps, and that's generous !!

It feels amazing on and just glides over your skin. Its not a sticky oil, and it doesn't really smell either, well certainly nothing offensive.  I love the fact that you can use it whenever and wherever you like. I have used it on my hair quite a few times as a overnight mask and it sure has given my hair the shine back that it so desperately needed. I also like smothering myself in it after the shower, and I sit there massaging it into my nails.
I would definitely recommend this, and I will be buying this product in the future. It is going to last, so therefore it is great value for money.
You can buy it from Amazon HERE
All InstaNatural products are amazing, and would make for an amazing gift set. This is a must try and I highly recommend it. Have a quick read of the other InstaNatural products I have reviewed HERE

Argan Oil is described as LIQUID GOLD. I'm not surprised by this at all, if you can have one natural product that helps you all over, then, I'd say it was the perfect description.