Renna's Discoveries: Which of Morrisons Dates are the Best ?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Which of Morrisons Dates are the Best ?

I've started eating a lot of dates recently. I don't know what started it, but, I just fancied trying them a couple of months ago, so I bought a snack pack from Morrison's. I then ate so many, that I had to Google what was the limit a turns out there's no limit, it just depends how greedy you are, but generally between 8-10 a day is OK. However, after reading a few Raw Diet forums, Dates are incredibly popular and they are also popular with people who have certain dietary problems as they are easy to digest.
So, after trying a few different ones from different shops, I thought I'd try out Morrisons selections. As its my local supermarket, and I can compare easily when they are from one shop. The Morrisons I go to very rarely have the Medjool Dates and I kept reading how amazing they were and I really wanted to try them. So when they finally had some in, I bought the Giant Medjool Dates, the Sticky Deri Dates and my usual Morrisons Date Snack Pack.
The Snack Pack do not state what type of dates they are....they are just Dates !!
So, its taken me over the course of a couple of weeks to test these out, but I was pleasantly surprised!!

I've been eating the Snack Packs for a while and they've always been lovely, actually they've been better than dates that are in a bag that are packaged for cooking with and snacking on. So, I've been happy eating these, but lately they have had a odd few that have been too dry and not as chewy as normal. I think my photography shows my disappointment. Blurry, and not as good as normal !! (saying that, these are brilliant dates if you're on a budget for daily eating - just throw out the extra dry ones)

Which I think has spurred me onto trying the more expensive types.

Now sometimes, when you spend more money on something, it doesn't necessarily mean its going to be better, as you're generally just paying for a label.....but, when it comes to pay for what you get !!!

Wow, the Giant Medjool Dates were absolutely delicious....they had a proper OMG moment, they were like caramel in your mouth. I ate six in a row. I actually didn't think I'd like them because of the size, but, I'm glad they were big as it made them last just a bit longer. They just kind of melted into sweet ooziness in your mouth. Wow, just thinking about them makes me want more. I am definitely without a doubt buying these again. They were like the King of the Dates !! They are my Sweets, my treat, and something , thankfully, only I like in the house.

Next I tried the Sticky Deri Dates, these were a lot smaller, and the same size as the dates in the Snack Pack, but much better!!! They are squashed into the box, so, its quite difficult to eat one at a time, and they are sticky, but not too sticky. These are definitely richer than the Medjool dates and not as soft to eat - as in they don't quite melt in your mouth, you need to chew these, but, my goodness......they are tasty. A very rich caramel, almost treacle flavour.
Dates are full of natural sugars so if you need to gain weight, these are good way of putting on the pounds. But on the upside they are super healthy for you. They are very high in fibre, so if you have any problems with your digestive system, these are perfect for you. They are also good for your heart as they prevent build up of cholesterol and also lowers your risk of heart disease. Dates have a lot of Iron in the them, which is great for your blood, and also good if you are pregnant. Keeps that Anaemic word away.....I'd rather eat Dates than Iron Tablets !! If you've had them, you'll know why.
They are also full of Calcium and Magnesium which we all need. Another thing I learnt, is they are good for building muscle. So, if you a gym nut, you should include these into your protein bars or shakes.

I have researched different ways of eating dates, and its been fascinating.
  • Natural
  • Blended into smoothies
  • Filled with cheese or nuts
  • Cut up into cakes and flapjacks
  • In breakfast cereals or porridge
  • In curries
  • In bread
  • In salads
  • As a puree (mixed with a small amount of milk) and poured over .....anything you like
  • Over ice cream - for that all time sugar fix
So many different ways !!! This list would go on and on.

Do you eat dates ? How do you eat yours?
I'd love to know.